Friday, April 4, 2014

Test Realm - Khrysalis Part 2 & Housing!!!

Wizards can now reach the maximum of level 100!
Increased that your wizard can carry! 
New School Pets!
New weapons!
New spells!
New Shadow Creatures and much much more!
Khrysalis part 2 contains three separate Premium Zones at 1995 each.
Oh! did I mention New housing items and house!!!!!

That's right Wizards we have a new house to craft!! The Treetop Getaway is an amazing twist and turn of tree branches that spiral up and through this house. This house has four rooms 3 gazebos and many landings including those much needed areas for your gardens. I'm still crafting the pieces of this house just cannot wait to get my hands on decorating it.

1 braided vine
3 sparse frond
40 mist wood
6 azteca scaffolding
8 azteca archways
4 azteca kiln
10 dino pillar
2 amber
The Treetop getaway recipe can be purchased from the Cantares Five Flowers in Azteca, Saltmeadow Swamp. This recipe will be one of those that all crafters will be showing off they created as it takes a bit of work but going to be so worth every minute. We even have new regents in Khrysalis Part 2, one being this Comet tail shown below. New Reagent bundles in crowned shop!, Yes! I so need those. Oh!, and did I mention this house comes with its very own tag game! I took so many pictures of this house I placed them in a collage at the end of this post. Enjoy! 
Next up w have gaming tours. Meet Eliza Windspar , Myrella's sister. She has joined her sister in housing tours to play games! I was able to test this some and you can see how players can see  the houses show up in Eliza's tours. 
                              When the owner of a house starts a housing game such as Zeke's Scavenger Hunt or Tag, they will see a button to make the game public. This means that other people will be able to play that game at your house just by selecting it from Eliza Windspar's menu. 
 Myrella Windspar had a update to tours, you now need 50 items inside and outside to be able to add your house to the tours. You also can see how much more time your house has left in tours with how many visitors you have had. Remember to rate those houses so people can see how many visited though.
To find out more about all these updates check out Wizard101. I can say I'm very impressed.I know you will be too! See you in test realm Monday - Friday. 


  1. A YouTube video out that new house would be helpful.

    1. I would look around I'm sure players have made one.


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