Thursday, May 8, 2014

Misc Updates Wizard101 & Pirate101

 Where am I in Wizard101? I have been decorating my Treetop getaway, not close to being done though I like the front look and the carousel area I finished this morning. Even with being colorful it fits beautifully. 
The Burrower bed has been fixed and I simply love the look of this piece. Way to go KI and on my! have you seen some of the free items to pick around Kr2? Just check out this chess table. He made a great addition to my pirate themed house. 

Pirate101 Test Update
Tatami Mats!!!
Rejoice! We’ve added the oft requested and highly desired Tatami Floor Mat housing item to certain MooShu bosses!
That's right my decorating Pirates KI has added Tatami mats to certain Mooshu bosses, so if you find them please let me know where they dropped. If I find them I'll edit this post. For more about last night test realm updates check out Pirate101

Friar Sands drops both the large and small Tatami Mat. These are no auction items


  1. Where you get that skeleton and chess table? o_o

    1. Awesome I am so getting this. ^-^
      Wonder what else is out there.


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