Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wizard101 Update

I haven't been to busy is Wizard101 , I have been playing Pirate101 this week. I have done a few things such as; almost finished my Treetop Getaway, met a fan (image above), worked on sabertooth, Started to second spring the spiral gardens in Treetop Getaway and made a really cool barrel fountain in which I hid the tag game in ;) Oh and I have been hunting turquoise, I guess I was busy after all. ;)


  1. Could you post a video of all your houses?? Please?:D I know u had a YouTube channel somewhere???

    1. I don't make good videos at all. and I have over 60 houses now.

    2. Oh my goodness!! Well could you post a couple pictures from some of them?


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