Monday, June 16, 2014

Frame ye Pet Winners!!!!

Congratulations Winners!!!!
We had so many amazing framed pets I wish they all could of won!!!
Here are your winners!!
Grand Prize Winner!!!
Bad Terri Jones
I present you Big Jake :)
Not much experience we had with him since got him just recently, but we had amazing time doing some side quests in Valencia! We hunted mechanical birds trying to figure them out and learned the story behind the pillars in Sivella, we even wore Clockwork costume! Weird thing we got caught few times but we kept calm and Mrs Magdalena took us to the Valencian theater where we took part in an Aquilan play :D!
Hmm why is he my favorite pet..? Well I am an ice wizard and he is all icy plus I just love the cute little scarf-y thingy he has!
Second Place Winner!!!
My favorite pet is Baby Gummy, my tropical sky snake, she always has my back and watches out for me. She has been very helpful in battle whenever she joins. It’s really fun to have a pet snake in game, because I like to see real snakes at our local zoo.

Third Place Winner!!!
Careless Alex
Hi, this is me and my Golem pet. Since this pet showed up in the crown shop I wanted one. Now with the Morphing tent I finally got but didn't stop there. I morphed few times until it got some good talents. Would have been nice if he got the Loyal talent but he shows up almost in every battle even if he has just 20% chance ( I guess he likes me too *:D big grin ). Think this is the best pet for me.
5 Honorable Mentions
Reckless Taryn Nesbit
When I, Reckless Taryn Nesbit, quest in Pirate 101 it can become very lonely without a trusted friend to help me out. My favorite pet is not only a friend but my questing partner. He has epic moves which leaves me laughing when he rolls up and delivers his smacks down on our opponents. There is no telling where my crew would be now without this amazing friend whose name is Little Stinker
Rude Rylee
My in game name is Rude Rylee. This is a photo of me and my 2nd pet Gracie. She's a pretty pink Marshadillo. Morphing her took about 3 tries but it was worth it! 1st off, she is pink. (PERFECT!) 2nd, She joins me in nearly every battle! She learned how to cast Charm onto enemies. Such a cool talent for my pet. Especially since I'm a WitchDoctor that has not learned that spell yet! Aside from her awesome talent she learned (only teen at the moment... Unsure of her other future talent) she is super adorable when she rolls by my side like a little Rollie Pollie! I cannot be more satisfied with this pet. I'm so happy Pirate101 is having more advanced pets!! Cannot wait to see if I can make a hybrid with her! :-) 
Stubborn Duncan Freeman 
I don't have any special experience with this pet, yet. But he has grown into my heart really fast. Very cute when he is following me. Also he is walking very funny with his peg leg. I've seen him casts some sort of sandstorm in battle too, it was really cool looking. Beautiful blinking eyes. This pet is definitely my favorite pet right now.
Fiery Tatiana Burton  
The story of how I got this pet. 
I got this pet from Tribal Pack in game.
The best new experience that I had with Captain Fang (Loyal Spiny Serpent) was when the enemies were too strong for me and my crew Captain Fang will come and join to help the crew to defeat enemies.He always does his Epic Hit whenever the enemies almost perished.That is why he is my favorite pet
Crazy Ryan Upham
It all began in a place we like to call, "Cooper Roost." Those super size, buff chickens invaded our tiny ship with their monstrous guns and gigantic fists. When Mighty Jake decided to join battle, I knew I would lose. How could a tiny bird save me? The battle turned out to be a close one. Mighty Jake was almost defeated. I was exhausted. Suddenly, Mighty Jake got lots of energy (critical) and decided to poop on them. It was so powerful. Who knew poop would be that awesome, right? He kept pooping and bam! We won. He was so helpful, I knew the game gave him the right name, 'Mighty'. Afterward, he has always been my favorite pet to use in battle because it makes me laugh when those enemies get pooped on. :)

7 Random Draws!!
Bloody Alex 


David Everhart

Nimble Nicholas Newton
Unfair Alexander Mumford

Dark Zane
Sneaky Scarlet
All winners have been sent prizes

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  1. Congrats to all the winners. Those are some VERY creative and beautiful frames. Well done to all of you
    Chrissy The Blesser


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