Monday, June 30, 2014

Want to be a Guest Poster?

Want to be a guest mini blogger on Paige's Page?

A guest blogger is a player that sends in a short article to have posted right here on Paige's Page.  These posts are normally no longer than 3 paragraphs, with a couple of images added if you choose. 

You can talk about either Pirate101, Wizard101 , FreeKI Games Trivia or even Grub Guardian. There will be one Guest Poster a month, for each game. Maybe you have a really awesome house, housing item you would love ingame or battle you want to talk about.

Rules for Guest Mini Bloggers

1.  Write a post about KingsIsle games with no more than 3 paragraphs and send it along with a couple of  images to help players understand what you're talking about.  I know not everyone has the best spelling & grammar, but as long as it's well written it can be posted.

2.  Send your post to Please include your Wizard or Pirate name only. (no real information will be posted)

3. Paige's Page is a G rated, family friendly blog. If your post is not family friend or speaks negatively it will not be posted. (opinions are different than pure negativity) Example: I love this house but wish there was more areas to decorate, is an opinion.

4.  All posts must be in English. If you use Pirate speak for Pirate101 posts it needs to be family friendly, remember we pirates drink yum ;). I will accept posts on any aspect of  KingsIsle games, as long as it's family friendly.  I know , so many things to talk about right?

5. Have fun with your post. the more excitement you offer the better the chance it will be read. 

If you're under the age of 13 you must have your Parents or Guardians permission to send in a guest post.

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