Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Guest Blogger -Matthew Shadowblade

My mind has been crafting Theories recently involving Falmea’s ‘Big Summer Update’. So what if this ‘Big Summer Update’ is coming right in June or August, when the Monthly Newsletter comes out, just like they did with Khrysalis Part 2. What if it’s Krokotopia Related? Remember that in the portion in the May 2014 Producer’s Letter, where Falmea talked about the ‘Big Summer Update’ there was a picture of Manders building a castle, lifting up a Mander in a Gobbler Suit with a pulley?

 I’m using Google Chrome and I right clicked on the image, then clicked ‘Open image in new tab’. Once I did, I looked at the web address and near the end, it had the web address and near the end, it wrote “…-mander-castle-…” so that must have been the name of the picture! Mander Castle! So what if this big summer update involves Krokotopia and Manders? And remember when we did Briskbreeze Tower, at the end once you defeated the final boss in Briskbreeze Tower, a wraith by the name of Orrick Nightglider, he dropped 2 key-rings. One is made of bones, the other is covered in hieroglyphics. What it means by key-rings, I have no idea. Perhaps it means one is a key, the other is a ring? If so, the bone-composed one is a Key, because there’s that small picture next to the dialogue box that tells you, and there’s a bone key there. In this case, I don’t think so. They’re both keys, because it says, “One is made of bones, and the other is covered in hieroglyphics.” So I’m not sure what it means by the ring part in key-ring. Anyway, Lieutenant Culpepper, the guy you’re trying to rescue, says stuff like “He told me something was coming to the Spiral…and that Krokotopia was the next step. How can something be ‘coming’ to the Spiral?” After that, Kingsisle never led up on this storyline. 

What if this ‘Something’ that’s ‘Coming’ to the Spiral is actually Old Cob and his reign of terror? What if we’re traveling to Krokotopia using this Hieroglyphics covered key-ring to open up Mander Castle? What if Mander Castle is a dungeon prequest meant to be a sneak peak into the next arc, just like the Warehouse was for the 2nd arc? What if Mander Castle is being built on top of one of those broken up islands, perhaps the one above the Spiral Chamber? What if that island has a portal leading to wherever Mander Castle is? I’ve seen a teleporter on top of that very island, and it’s inaccessible currently.

I’ll leave it at that, I’d like to hear your guys’ opinions on this, and I’d also like to hear your guys’ very own Theories.

Matthew Shadowblade


  1. Hello,

    Nicely written post. I think the "mander-castle" was a hint about the Arcane Bundle.

  2. Hmm that may be true, but it didn't exactly come out as a 'Big Summer Update'.

  3. So now we know what the Big Summer Update was about. I feel that I did make a legitimate point with the island with the Teleporter above the Krokotopian World Teleporter Chamber and Orrick Nightglider's hieroglyphics covered key-ring and the Old Cob thing.

  4. You missed only one thing mate, that's not a Mander wearing a Gobbler suit, Oh no! That's a Gobbler wearing a Mander mask! Just look at that thin line on "Gobbler Suit" 's head and you'll see what I mean


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