Monday, August 4, 2014

Pirate101 Hideout- Noble Felix Yellowfish

Welcome to Felix's "Grotto of Miracles". Felix uses his love of statues to create full theme. From the very first time stepping of my ship I was able to see how much Felix cared for his hideout. From dancing statues who show a silhouette of dancers , to crystals placed just in the right places. He even has a little area for his pets. 
Felix has 2 favorite areas , The Summoning Temple and his Library. I have to agree that Summoning Temple was pretty awesome, so was the library. I think my favorite area was the little graveyard he made. Felix had it all , even a fortune tellers table. Thank you Felix for this wonder Pirate hideout tour.

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  1. Yea that Felix is gifted in many ways. He has improved it a LOT since the last time I was there and it wasn't that long ago. Well done Felix. Keep up the great work. :D
    Nice tour Paige, thanks. :D


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