Saturday, August 2, 2014

Riddle Me Fish- Contest

Are you ready to play Riddle Me Fish?
This contest has ended Winners winners been posted. 
Can you name all 20?

Simple as it sounds ? 
All you have to do is name what each fish is and try to get them all right.

* Below will be 20 riddles  , one for each fish you have to name
*Make a list number 1-20 and try to figure out what each fish is. 
*Send your list to with the title  "Riddle me Fish-Wizard101".
*Add  your Wizards In game name Such as (Paige MoonShade) to your list.
* You may only enter once
* Contest runs from August 2,2014 to August 9,2014  6pm Us Central time.
*Please ask all questions on this post (comments and questions need to be G rated and have your wizard name )

At the end of the contest I will post the screenshots of what these images are. :)
Thank you KingsIsle for the wonderful prizes.

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission to enter.

Do your best Wizards!!
15 Winners!!

First Place
Nora Misthead  19

1st Place Prize Pack:
Keeper Aquarium Set
Large Aquarium Set
Regular Aquarium Set
Tall Aquarium Set
Fishing Luck Elixir
Energy Elixir
5000 Crowns

 4-Second Place Winners
Amber Firesword 19
James Shadowflame 19 
Scarlet Stormfinder 19
Amber Rose 19
2nd Place Prize Pack:
One Random Aquarium Set
Fishing Luck Elixir
Energy Elixir

2500 Crowns

10 -Third Place
Amy stardust 19
kelsey stormcloud 19
Emily silverwraith 19
Connor DarkDreamer 18 
Ryan NightCaster 18 
Jason Goldriver 18 
Chris Drakeflame 18 
Alexander 18 
Matthew Shadowblade 18
Autumn Stormcloud 18
 3rd Place Prize Pack:
One Random Regular Aquarium
Fishing Luck Elixir
Energy Elixir
1000 Crowns

( In case of a Tie- The entries are first come first win)

 Winners will be posted on August 12  2014 by 6:00 pm Central US time.

Good Luck Wizards!!

Ready for your riddles?

1. I'm so bright you got to wear shades. Sun Ray
2. I'm pretty fancy , yet people just call me art.Jackson Pollock
3. I can speak to all the fishes , can you? Tongue Fish
4. I might not come when you call, really? I don't want to.Cranky Catfish
5. Fast as fast can be you'll never catch me.Silver streak
6. I can bend and fold through all the rivers.Origami Fish
7. Looks can be deceiving. Cuddlefish
8. A pink etch a sketch .Doodlefishette
9. If I wish to be yours I will be.Ninja fish 
10. All the Spiral's a stage.Sharkspeare
11. I think I'm alive.Bonefish
12. I believe I can fly. Gullfish Grouper 
13. Don't feed the? Troll Trout
14.  I will catch you, where ever you are.Fish and Chips
15. I must have the worse handwriting of the spiral.Brain Sturgeon
16. Am I not the sweetest thing you ever seen? Marmalade Jellyfish
17. I think I'm in the wrong game. Garrfish
18. You might think I'm a fish but I'm only a?Dekoi ( any type of Dekoi worked)
19. I can blend in anywhere.Chameleon Fish
20. I'm so macho.Bearded Trout

Good Luck!!


Codes can be redeemed from any location worldwide, but are only redeemable at for use on the KingsIsle version of Wizard101. This promotion cannot be redeemed for Gameforge or Taomee hosted versions of the game.

To enter your game code:

* Visit
* Enter your account information and click LOGIN
* Enter your unique code and press SUBMIT
* Redeem your item(s) from the in-game gift window or look for rewards of Crowns to appear in your Crowns History on the website.

Maximum number of redemptions per code: 1
Maximum number of unique codes that can be redeemed per account from this promotion: 3

These codes expire on 01 Jan 2015.

If you encounter an problem redeeming your game code, please send an email to and include your code and Wizard101 account name, but never the password!


  1. Woo this was cool I'm pretty sure I got 17 of those correct lol

  2. Just brilliant. What a fun and engaging contest. Well done. I had a blast with it. :D

  3. This is so much fun paige. And some are quite challenging!!

    Angela Shadowgarden

  4. But how we know the name of fish? I mean when i catch a fish it's wrote somewhere?

  5. What I had but forgot to submit:

    1 Sun ray
    2 Jackson Pollock (?)
    4 Cranky Catfish
    6 origami fish
    7 Cuddlefish
    8 Doodlefishette
    10 Sharkspeare
    11 Bone fish
    12 Owl-eyed pike (??)
    14 Fish and chips
    17 Codfather??
    18 (mainstream) Dekoi
    19 Chameleon Fish
    20 Beared Trout

    Oh well :3 it was fun


Please make sure to have your Pirate or Wizard name attached to your question. I will answer these question as soon as possible.

Sorry any players who stays anonymous or unknown will no longer be posted or answered. Your wizard or pirate's name is required.

Thank you.
Paige MoonShade