Thursday, September 18, 2014

KingsIsle First live Stream- Sept 2014

Yesterday was the very first of many I would hope where  both community managers Leala (Professor Greyrose) and Tom (Dworgyn better known as One Eyed Jack from Pirate101 ) talked about Wizard101 6th birthday year.  They took a closer look at the Arcane Bundle and answered some player questions and gave out prizes. If you missed it you can catch the video HERE.

During the live stream many of us players partied in the commons. We talked about what was being said , laughed with Leala and Tom and everyone agreed that I need to use piggles and wraiths for my football players, Thanks Tom. I have all the piggles and I might have all the wraiths already . Great idea by the way. ;) liam's house( above) is one that I really really loved and want to see. There were many more including my football stadium I am still working on to this date.

Paige Gives the KingsIsle one great big field goal , Touch down Winner!
What I can tell you this was a added pleasure to see KingsIsle in a new way and bravo to Leala and Tom. You both were spectacular! Can't wait to see more of these and Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy day to give us this.  ((((hugs)))) from Paige


  1. Thank you, Paige! Love that you "Picked up the ball" with the Wraith and Piggle commentary and made it happen. LOL!

  2. Hey Paige just wondering if you're ever gonna give any Amaranthine staffs away anymore or host contests for them? I've been looking for a code everywhere. Hope you respond, thanks!

  3. what was the prize that was given out?


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