Monday, September 29, 2014

My favorite Wizard101 year entry.

My favorite year/s - Do I have to pick just one?

This was the year housing came to Wizard101, although I like all parts of Wizard101 housing has become my passion. I love to decorate them, show them off and tour them. I have done housing in many games and none stand up to the standards of Wizard101. My very first house was the Royal Playhouse from there it was history. I wont go into how many houses I have but I will say allot? My all time favorite houses are the Winter Winds Tower and The Build-a-Castles where you can build anything from amazing castles to how about a football Stadium? Wizard101 still to this day brings out some of the most amazing houses and decorations. Cannot wait to see what the future of Wizaard101 housing brings.

In 2009 I became really fascinated with other ways to bring Wizard101 into my life. I saw a Scavenger Hunt on Wizard101 Central and joined this amazing site and met so many great friends, Jester and Olivia took me in like family, I'm there to stay. I actually won a autographed Malistaire poster from that contest. Its still framed on my wall along with so many other things I have gotten throughout all my years in KingsIsle games. 

From 2009 I grew with more and more love of this game and wanted more ways to give others information I learned . So a friend told me about blogging. I know its not in 2009 but it was in 2010 I started blogging and in that year I became an official fansite. I am so honored to talk about Wizard101 and now Pirate101 for many years to come. 2011 was a whirlwind and getting to go and meet some of KingsIsle and being part of something special, so honored. My life has never had so many great people in it. I'm so truly honored to be a part of the KingsIsle Community and meeting all the wonderful players has truly gave me the biggest gift of all.

Here's to many more years to come!

Yours truly
Paige MoonShade

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