Monday, September 8, 2014

Wizard101 Guest Poster -Alric Mist

I am all too familiar with the many hobbies a wizard can do after they've finished their last quest, being both PvP and Pet Warlords as well as catching every fish available so far. Recently however, I have found decorating to be something truly magical, offering a sense of accomplishment and joy that, for me, has yet to be rivaled. 

Early this month i finished work on my very first house, a Red Farm Barn, and in the months that it took to complete, I feel as if going through the trials and hassles of decorating have truly inspired me to become a more creative and thought provoking person. For a very long time i never cared to delve into decorating, as I figured it most likely wasn't an enjoyable and probably mundane undertaking. My brother, Edward Mist, has always been a big fan of decorating, and he never fails to impress me with his dedication as well as his ingenuity. Eventually this inspired me to give decorating a shot, as I realized there had to be something to love in it. After my brother taught me a few box and rug glitches i set off on my own to learn what it takes to be a truly great decorator. Using my Farm Barn, which I initially bought for solely gardening purposes, I used a nice wide open area to create a miniature village, using primarily Zafarian decor. When I completed it i felt a very strong sense of pride and fulfillment. It was then that I knew that I needed to give decorating a serious chance, and before i knew it, my garden was evicted and i was a full-time decorator.

After months of hard work and experimentation, i finally completed my first home and decorating became my new favorite past-time, and with my new house being a Celestial Observatory, I hope to go more grand and ambitious than I ever thought possible before. This entire experience has taught me something extremely valuable, that passion and enjoyment go hand in hand, and so long as you have a passion for what you are doing, you will find joy in what you do and will always strive to ascend to a higher place than where you started and perhaps even discover new passion along the way.  You can find my house under the decorated category in Castle Tours, look for Red Farm Barn by Alric Mist, and I do implore you to make a visit, as sharing the culmination of this grand experience with my fellow decorators is a huge part of what makes decorating such a pleasant and rewarding adventure :)  
 ~Alric Mist


  1. Oh my gosh! This is wonderful! I love the little village. I keep thinking I will try my hand at decorating and then ... I wind up wandering around the Castle Tours and admire other people's work instead! LOL! Nice job Alric!!

  2. Woah, this is so cool! I like how you created your own little area, with a village and fire! Its so cool to see other wizards build and make amazing things. I myself just found out the wonders of decorating. I made a little cottage up on a ledge in the Royal Playhouse, complete with a garden and fencing!

    -Lucas Firedust


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