Monday, October 27, 2014

Wizard101 Guest Poster-Lucas Firedust

Sometime after the new Arcane Builders Bundle was released I was walking through the shopping district. I noticed a new NPC who sold housing block recopies. So I decided to give the new items a try and was astounded of all the possibilities that were possible with this. I immediately started experimenting with them at my Royal Playhouse home and found fun new ways to decorate, or even make completely new structures. 

One of the best places I found was on a little piece of land. Once I saw the area I knew I could do something cool with it. So I decided to make a study/garden nook for my wizard, and amazingly I did. It turned out even better than I expected. And the ways that I could furnish it was endless. I ran over to Krokotopia to get some fence and I went through my endless inventory of housing items to make the perfect place. After a few days I was finished. I put a Mooshu incense candle in the window, put so bookshelves and a desk in there, and even a nice tree to make the space seem even more natural. 

This comes to show that many things can be done by opening up your imagination and expirementing with different areas and plots. If you want the full houses though the Arcane Bundle is still available, this is just for the crafted pieces.

-Lucas Firedust

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