Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wizard101 Update- All Fish Caught!

I have finally caught all fish known to date.  My storm house is getting really full, which makes me happy. Five days after starting fishing for the Errol Finn  and I finally catch him. So proud of this fish.  I now have a total of 1151 fish caught, 75 types, 36 small fry and 21 whoopers! I even have tanks waiting on new fish to come out.

Pirate101 Test realm- Nov 2014

 Introducing Captain's Quarters, these ship cabins are on all ships. The basic cabin above is about the same size as the bunkhouse but on your ship.  There are three sizes to these cabins at this time. The basic, the deluxe (below) and the kings retreat from the black market.

 New furniture , room dividers  check out some of the designs in the above image. I think my favorite are the bunkbeds and the tub. Some of these you can buy with crowns/ gold and some of these are for scrip.
Check it out, you can now place ships and companions in your Pirate house, doesn't that look awesome. I think it does, makes your houses so much more alive.

The Black Market is a place where you can by  items for scrip. What is scrip you ask?  Scrip is a new currency coming to Pirate101 and it's in test realm right now. You can acquire scrip from battling ship, turrets and from the new dungeon in the crowned shop. To read more about the test realm up dates check out Pirate101. You might have to log in to read them.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pirate101 Vine - Captain's Quarters? Maybe?

OMG! Pirate101 released a vine on twitter today. Looks like we might get to be able to decorate our Captains Quarters? What do you think it could be?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Evergreen Bundle- Gamestop

Introducing the Evergreen Bundle from Gamestop. This giant bundle comes with this adorable Botanical Gardens Mansion and when I say mansion I mean it. The land area trails around and through many areas of this house, where you can build and create the prettiest of gardens. Hidden passages take you to many other trails and water areas. This house is also a plant like for all gardeners out there! There's also a PVP ring what else could you ask for?

The inside of this house is huge! Massive areas to create and decorate , I think I'm going full on gardens , if you have ever taken a stroll through the Botanical Gardens I going to do my best to recreate. Hidden cracks in the wall can lead you to other areas all you got to do is look. Did I mention the large plant in the room? This plant gives daily rewards with a bit of humor.

The Evergreen Bundle comes with up to level 100  Evergreen Gear and Thornblade wand, the Spirit of the Forest pet that can help you with gardens and the Celestial Wolf mount. This mount is so pretty I think it will fit into my theme perfectly.  All this for only 39.00? What an amazing deal.

Let me talk about the plant that grows throughout the house and trail areas.  As stated this plant gives daily rewards in the form of levers that take care of the plant. You get a choice of three levers; pollinate, rain and sun. Each of these have very fun animation while taking care of your plant, like the pollinate actually tickle the plant you can see him laughing!  I cannot wait to see how all the different wizards decorate this house I'm sure there are going to be some beautiful creations. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wzard101 test realm- Nov 2014

Wizard101 test realm will be back Monday Nov 10, 2014 but you can still read the notes HERE. So much going on in this test realm four new area dungeons,  one in Wizard city, two in Krokotopia , and one in Marleybone.  Each new area has fishing spots that have new fish for the fishing wizards to catch. I think my favorite are the Pharoahmari and the Gargoyle fish. I have to say Kingsisle out did themselves with these new dungeons. 

New silver chest game Catch a Key is a hit! To my understand it will be 50/50 chance with Shock a lock when this game goes live. This game is fun and so easy just catch the keys in order but watch out for those bombs.

New school spells! These new spells will cost one shadow pip to cast. You will need to be level 100 and finish the first 2 dungeons of Darkmoor.  I do wonder if these come from the phantom zone just look at the balance spell, its got its eyes on everything. ;)
Member Benefits
I know we have had member benefits for a while but KingsIsle has added to this with more friends and backpack space, dance moves and limited membership benefits like double xp at times! Maybe they can add crowns player if they bought crowns in the last 30 for more than 20 dollars or so? I know it only takes a purchase of 6.00 to get in test  Isn't that the same price as a monthly family membership? That's all for today, don't forget to to check out the test realm notes to find out more.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jungle Houseboat

 In the crown shop today this fantastic Jungle House Boat  available for 5000 crowns or 50,000 gold a steal in my eyes! When you go through Myrella Windspar's tour she welcomes you with a big Ahoy! fitting for a boat house . 
 Next stop is the old trading post , you can still see items that would be sold , I think I'm going to go with the theme and keep it a trading post by creating a little store ready for all the visitors that come to my post. If you go up and around the rope bridges you come to a nice grassy area for plants or even pets? (Image at bottom of this blog post.)
As we travel onto the houseboat Myrella Windspar talks about the sides of the boat good thing she isn't a Pirate she would of failed that test. ;) There is nice spaces to put items on the main deck , even a ships wheel so we can give tours?

The upper layer of the inside haul space is a wide open room ready to haul all your guest or items, you can even make it a actual houseboat looks at all that living space. The lower area is what Myrella calls the living quarters, I have to agree. There is two side rooms where you are under the water and can watch the fish swim by and two end areas. Wonderful if i do say so myself.

Well hope you enjoyed my tour, Im off to sail to the bazaar . I got some big plans for this houseboat. So what would you decorate it like? I have a few ideas. Fish hauler , actual houseboat, jungle tours or how about a pirate ship trying to sneak its way into Pirate101?

Fear the Bunny?!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pirate101 Newsletter- Nov 2014

The Novemeber 2014 newsletter came out today and with it this image of a giant squid. This brings me back to the test we did and our parents taken by a giant squid. What do you think it could be? Check out this months newsletter HERE today.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

More teasers from KI

 Did I say I love gargoyles?  Well check out this Gargoyle Guard and Knight.  Everything soooo purple. What could this be from? Where are we Wizards headed to next? I know I'm going to love the views.