Friday, November 14, 2014

Evergreen Bundle- Gamestop

Introducing the Evergreen Bundle from Gamestop. This giant bundle comes with this adorable Botanical Gardens Mansion and when I say mansion I mean it. The land area trails around and through many areas of this house, where you can build and create the prettiest of gardens. Hidden passages take you to many other trails and water areas. This house is also a plant like for all gardeners out there! There's also a PVP ring what else could you ask for?

The inside of this house is huge! Massive areas to create and decorate , I think I'm going full on gardens , if you have ever taken a stroll through the Botanical Gardens I going to do my best to recreate. Hidden cracks in the wall can lead you to other areas all you got to do is look. Did I mention the large plant in the room? This plant gives daily rewards with a bit of humor.

The Evergreen Bundle comes with up to level 100  Evergreen Gear and Thornblade wand, the Spirit of the Forest pet that can help you with gardens and the Celestial Wolf mount. This mount is so pretty I think it will fit into my theme perfectly.  All this for only 39.00? What an amazing deal.

Let me talk about the plant that grows throughout the house and trail areas.  As stated this plant gives daily rewards in the form of levers that take care of the plant. You get a choice of three levers; pollinate, rain and sun. Each of these have very fun animation while taking care of your plant, like the pollinate actually tickle the plant you can see him laughing!  I cannot wait to see how all the different wizards decorate this house I'm sure there are going to be some beautiful creations. Until next time, happy house decorating.

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  1. Looks gorgeous and I can't wait to decorate mine. :D
    Can you show the hidden areas & how to locate them or would that be telling? :P


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