Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jungle Houseboat

 In the crown shop today this fantastic Jungle House Boat  available for 5000 crowns or 50,000 gold a steal in my eyes! When you go through Myrella Windspar's tour she welcomes you with a big Ahoy! fitting for a boat house . 
 Next stop is the old trading post , you can still see items that would be sold , I think I'm going to go with the theme and keep it a trading post by creating a little store ready for all the visitors that come to my post. If you go up and around the rope bridges you come to a nice grassy area for plants or even pets? (Image at bottom of this blog post.)
As we travel onto the houseboat Myrella Windspar talks about the sides of the boat good thing she isn't a Pirate she would of failed that test. ;) There is nice spaces to put items on the main deck , even a ships wheel so we can give tours?

The upper layer of the inside haul space is a wide open room ready to haul all your guest or items, you can even make it a actual houseboat looks at all that living space. The lower area is what Myrella calls the living quarters, I have to agree. There is two side rooms where you are under the water and can watch the fish swim by and two end areas. Wonderful if i do say so myself.

Well hope you enjoyed my tour, Im off to sail to the bazaar . I got some big plans for this houseboat. So what would you decorate it like? I have a few ideas. Fish hauler , actual houseboat, jungle tours or how about a pirate ship trying to sneak its way into Pirate101?

Fear the Bunny?!


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to see how you decorate it!

  2. *Pops popcorn and settles down to watch the decorating fun begin* :D
    This is gonna be GOOD! Good practice for my ship's interior for Pirate 101 *Shoots pouty look at the Pirate side of the Spiral*

  3. Have you guys seen the hidden cargo storage? I cant wait to decorate this place

  4. Have you seen the TOP SECRET box with a mysterious swirling portal on it hidden under the stairs? If not, check this:

  5. Yes Let me add a really awesome picture I got


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