Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pirate101 Test realm- Nov 2014

 Introducing Captain's Quarters, these ship cabins are on all ships. The basic cabin above is about the same size as the bunkhouse but on your ship.  There are three sizes to these cabins at this time. The basic, the deluxe (below) and the kings retreat from the black market.

 New furniture , room dividers  check out some of the designs in the above image. I think my favorite are the bunkbeds and the tub. Some of these you can buy with crowns/ gold and some of these are for scrip.
Check it out, you can now place ships and companions in your Pirate house, doesn't that look awesome. I think it does, makes your houses so much more alive.

The Black Market is a place where you can by  items for scrip. What is scrip you ask?  Scrip is a new currency coming to Pirate101 and it's in test realm right now. You can acquire scrip from battling ship, turrets and from the new dungeon in the crowned shop. To read more about the test realm up dates check out Pirate101. You might have to log in to read them.

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