Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wzard101 test realm- Nov 2014

Wizard101 test realm will be back Monday Nov 10, 2014 but you can still read the notes HERE. So much going on in this test realm four new area dungeons,  one in Wizard city, two in Krokotopia , and one in Marleybone.  Each new area has fishing spots that have new fish for the fishing wizards to catch. I think my favorite are the Pharoahmari and the Gargoyle fish. I have to say Kingsisle out did themselves with these new dungeons. 

New silver chest game Catch a Key is a hit! To my understand it will be 50/50 chance with Shock a lock when this game goes live. This game is fun and so easy just catch the keys in order but watch out for those bombs.

New school spells! These new spells will cost one shadow pip to cast. You will need to be level 100 and finish the first 2 dungeons of Darkmoor.  I do wonder if these come from the phantom zone just look at the balance spell, its got its eyes on everything. ;)
Member Benefits
I know we have had member benefits for a while but KingsIsle has added to this with more friends and backpack space, dance moves and limited membership benefits like double xp at times! Maybe they can add crowns player if they bought crowns in the last 30 for more than 20 dollars or so? I know it only takes a purchase of 6.00 to get in test  Isn't that the same price as a monthly family membership? That's all for today, don't forget to to check out the test realm notes to find out more.



  1. "P.s.


    Such a tease, lol. I can't wait to see what they look like!

  2. test realm update notes said it would be open morning november 10 but its 10:31 and it still closed. so i guess my question is did the time move to different because the reason i asking is in 4in a half and 3 in a half and 2 in a half and one in a half usa times it will be afternoon which is pm not am

    1. That would be 10 central time its now 11:49 central and it seems to be open


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