Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dividers In your Bunkhouse

Living space
 Small Dorm rooms for Wizard101 and Bunkhouses for Pirate101 have always been so much fun to decorate. So I wanted to try the new room dividers from the crown shop in my bunkhouse. I have to say these new furniture pieces make for an cozy bunkhouse. 
Small Kitchen

Bath area
Each of the images I have shown have a caption under them. I have done a few topics on bunkhouses Decorating on a Budget and Advanced Bunk House Decorating. I hope you enjoyed this topic on bunkhouses. Oh and keep an eye ;) out Coming Jan 8th!!

Sleeping quarters 


  1. Honestly you kind of have to have a lot of extra money to get so many crowns theres no way I could get all of that.

  2. Are the images shown for bath and bunks also available for w101?
    autumn night breeze

    1. No these are Pirate101 items. I wish we could get them in Wizard101 :)


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