Thursday, January 22, 2015

Furniture Pirate101 to Wizard101

 Questing through Pirate101 I kept saying , wow I wish that was a piece of furniture for Wizard101 , I wish it was furniture in Pirate101 also. Besides the images I'm showing there are so many other things I wish I could have from Pirate101 in Wizard101 . Many Items from Wizard101 I would love to have in Pirate101, though this post is about Pirate101 to Wizard101

I found several pieces like ; stacked can goods,  wall mirrors, bottles, racks of dry goods and sacks of flour. I could do so many things like; full general stores, kitchens and store rooms in both games. The wall mirrors could be shaded glass or white to look like windows. ;)

How about new trees? These awesome looking Mooshu trees in Pirate101 , They come in multi colors including green. I can imagine seeing houses in both games with these vibrant range of colors. Can you see the Wizard101 Imperial Palace with these trees? It would sure bring new life to this house.

There are even some furniture pieces that are in Pirate101 already I wish I could have in Wizard101 like; stone dragon statues and oh my the room dividers from the crowned shop , misc pet furniture, I would simply love these in my Wizard101 houses. If you could pick one item from Pirate101 to be in Wizard101 as furniture what would it be? Where could you find it? Just post in the comments and don't forget your Pirate or Wizard name.


  1. From your mouth (blog) to the dev's ears :D

  2. Yes!
    So many things I just wanna smuggle from the world of pirates over to the spiral. Just one though hmmm....
    I think I will go with one of the Aquilia Statues like the Siren Statue. It would be perfect for my acropolis and I just love the myths.

    ~Diana Rosestone

  3. I would absolutely love if there were cherry blossom trees to brighten up my house in wizard101!! Mooshu rocks!!

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