Friday, January 2, 2015

Mini Update for Pirate101

Pirate101 Update:
Merciful Misty - WitchDoctor and Two-Faced Anne -Privateer have been questing through the skyways and we have made it to Cool Ranch. We have gotten both our Monquistian ships and are now in Santo Pollo.
Yesterday we had a raft party for our really low levels ; Crazy Jacqueline Holystone - Musketeer, Two-Faced Anne -Swashbuckler, Cheerful Olivia Ivey and Fearless Jack. It got really crowded on that ship and Cheerful Olivia Ivey even got a scrip fighting in flotsam skyway. Oh and Don't forget to send your companions out sailing, plundering and pillaging I gained 3 NXP levels sending all out before I go offline.

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