Monday, January 19, 2015

Third Annual BunkHouse Winners!!!!!

Congratulations BunkHouse Winners!!!!

First Prize

Eccentric Elijah Everhart
I'm Eccentric Elijah Everhart and I'm here at 'The Humble Tea-house'with Kan Po moments before his long awaited grand opening. He is the owner and manager of this beautiful establishment which has been decorated in a Marleybone style with a touch of MooShu flare. He use the feng shui system of harmonizing and binding the 'invisible forces of the universe, earth and humanity together. Kan Po hopes his hard work will show every customer just how pleasing a cup of tea or coffee can be in a quiet and positive atmosphere. So stop on in, have a great cup of tea or coffee prepared for you and enjoy a relaxing outing after a day (or night) of questing in Pirate101

Second Place
Clumsy Calamity
Welcome to the Crypt Café, a tea house for those that wish to be close to with the spirits.  Settled deep in an ancient mausoleum the Crypt Café offers you not only a variety of unearthly entertainments but a variety of drinks as well.  Sample some of our best sellers such as the Black Spot O’ Tea, the Calama- Tea, the Caldron Bubble Tea, and of our personal favorite the Shake your Boo-Tea.  Your host Old Scratch greets you at the door and introduces you to our celestial guests of the evening.  Sit back and relax in our comfy chairs or pull up a bean bag on the floor or a more traditional seating arrangement.  Refreshments can be ordered at the counter throughout the night.  Whether you are looking for a venue to host your next Death day party or you are just looking for somewhere to curl up with a good Necronomicon the Crypt Café is the place for you.  Open Monday – Saturday 10pm – 4am.  Call for parties larger than 6.
Third Place
Hunter Orleans
So, in my bunkhouse/tea house I went for a more Chashitsu(Japanese "tea room") look with a twist. I couldn't find tatami mats for the floor so I use a red rug instead. I used blue pillows for sitting arrangements, and a small wooden table with a small flower pot in the middle of the room. I also had some white vase with dragons painted on them and large statues to represent harmony and zen in the room. The twist in my Japanese style tea house is that it has an Aztecan base garden, with a gold treasure chest with gold running into the garden ponds in the middle of the two waterfalls. The Aztecan garden is just to bring the outside into the inside of a Japanese style tea house not very traditional thing but thought it would be nice. And the treasure chest it wouldn't be Pirate101 without a few treasure chest or two..

3 Judge choice awards
Faithful Lucy
Can a pirate just have a nice quite moment to relax for a while?"Lucy said in a panic, after a long day of fighting and negotiating with traders Lucy and her team Barely had time to relax ,until Rat Beard came with a sparking idea, "capt'n, we always return home tired and we need a place to relax, why don't make a tea house to rest in while keeping a penny in hand?", "that's it!" Lucy jumped in excitement. "we will start NOW!","now? well i am very tired and..."Anne complained ,"Avast ye, get yourself movin' and let's get to work, savvy?!" .

the lads tried to collect everything they think it's comfortable , wing chun proposed a cool ranch themed house , while rat beard collected wood for the fire place , Bonnie Anne collected the best tea in the skull island , and the whole team worked together to turn their ideas real, "I've  never thought that it will turn out very nicely!" Bonnie Anne said "listen capt'n I'm sorry ...." ," Apology accepted , you're always be my friend no matter what happens" Lucy replied to Anne.  the tea house turned to be very good that it became the best tea house in skull island.
Silent Cedric Davenport
Welcome to the Cavern Teahouse! We took the best of Mooshu and Aquila and combined them to give you a welcoming and homey feel. First off, have a seat in one of our imported Aquilan chairs. Our fine server will be right with you, a top rated waiter from the famed Subata Teahouse! When you're ready ring the gong and he will be right with you-but mind the petrified monk. Minor accident when smuggling the gong out of the High Temple, this monk accidentally looked right at the Medusa's head in the display case, and see the result. Or perhaps you'd rather relax in one of our fine, home-made Skull Island setees. Got a party you want to throw? We have what you need! Music and fireworks to celebrate, and of course plenty of Yum casks to refill the one already provided on the table. Enjoy your time here at our teahouse, and thank you for choosing us!
Sensible Ivy Nesbit
Hello, I am Sensible Ivy Nesbit and I have been visiting my dear friends Subodai and Bonnie Anne in Aquila. Since their marriage a year ago they have been running the dearests little tea house call Accolades. Accolades is built around an old ruin with lots of over grown bamboo and other greenery. They have discover many amazing items including a statue of a dancing Aquila Warrior from many years past. As you can see Subodai has manage to clear a great deal of the overgrowth away to reveal a wonderful place to go, relax, and slip your tea.

8 Honorable Mentions
Jack NightingGale
Dark Wolf Xiriga
Ruthless Emily DeClark
Ambitious Christina Young
Stormy Anthony

10 Random Draws
Clever Lucas Percy
Dark Colin Holystone
Brave Rachel Alcott
 Smart Griffin Heath
Witty Bailey YellowFish
Stormy Blaze Silver
Hopeful Hope Holystone 
Clever Harmony Everhart

All winners have been notified. 

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  1. Once again the players amaze with their creativity and great stories. You inspire them so well Paige. Congrats to all the winners :D


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