Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 2015 Updates!!

So far my favorite things are; The two new housing gauntlets, Baddle of the bands and Tanglewood Terror. Baddle of the band being my favorite! After you complete these 2 gauntlets you will have an awesome  statue for your house.

While battling in the baddle of the bands I have won many things from; gear, new music instruments, a pet and a new mount! lots of jewels also. I think of these like a hoard pack with a added fun factor. Plus you get more items at 500 crowns these are a steal. remember though these are one-shot meaning once your in there you need to complete it.
Rocker's stagewear
Moody Groovers
Elctric Violin
Polka dot flying V
Playable Xanadu Smashers
New hairstyles are in the crowned shop! Each of these have a school flare to them So far my favorite is the Midterm. I showed images of both the girl and boy styles of all 5 below.

A is for Effort

Pop Quiz

Final Exam

Lunch Bell

Dragonspyre fishing!! Yes that right you can now fish in lava and I have to tell you its a blast. You can see me pulling out a sentinel. Whats a sentinel? Check out the update notes here to find out more. Oh yeah I almost forgot Jewel Socketing , just look at all the jewels I have pick up in the last couple of days.

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