Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fun with Frames - Pirate101 Winners

First off let me say just wow! everyone did an amazing job. 
Congratulations to all the winners!!

Grand prize winner
10,000 crowns


Since it came to the Spiral, the morphing tent has become my home! I just love to morph my pets and gain random new ones in return. the price is maybe the only problem but I have a farming spot so always have enough gold to hatch! Also, I am following the Petnome Project and I'm on a mission now to gain as much as I can gain random pets! If you never hatched two of your pets, don't wait, earn some gold and try it! It's really fun because you never know what may you get... :)

Unfair AlexanderMumford,
lvl 24 Buccaneer,

May 23, 2015

10 Random Winners
Random crowns amount from 2,500 to 5000 crowns
 My favorite activity in Pirates is, well farming of course. Unique items and pets, I must have it all!:) Here is a picture from one of my farming sessions. I was farming Moo Manchu, I think that cow can't stand to see me anymore lol. Thx for the contest!
Stubborn Duncan Freeman
May 29, 2015
 My name is Dark Colin Holystone and i like to pose with my trainer the most esteemed Madame Vadima of Darkmoor(also the head of the AW society or the Anonymous Witchdoctors) and my Witchdoctor friends for painters. Thx 4 the contest.
Dark Colin Holystone
May 24 2015
  My parents were killed by the armada and to "punish" me more for being a pirate they imprisoned me for helping a friend who was in trouble with them. So i decided to return the favor by collecting all the armada elite gear and fighting the armada troops with all that gear on. my favorite activity is sneaking into armada forts disguised as a armada and then destroying all the guards in the fortress right as they realize what they have done. With that i can say to my parents, you have been avenged!
Jack Nightinggale
May 22, 2015
 This is my favorite activity just having some fun with my pet battling around with others. When I come to Pirate the first thing I do is to train my pet and do some battles :)
Pretty Marissa
May 29 2015

I like Morphing
Fearless Chris Strong
May 26, 2015
 I really enjoy a lot of things in Mooshu, due to the great scenery and the fantastic battles and story content that goes on there. I especially like the Stormzilla fight in The Valley Of The Titans, Subata Skyway, Mooshu. I love the art and hard work Kingsisle put into this world in both Pirate101 and Wizard101, and appreciate their companions like Shiruku Neko, Monkey King, and the Helephant. The 'special occasion' battles like the Stupendor-X -Stormzilla one was a definite highlight in my questing experience. Good work KI!
Dashing Duncan Quinn
May 26, 2015
 I Introduce you my flying horse,i like to do crazy pictures like this in my free time
Samantha Sly
May 24, 2015
 My favorite activity in game is NXP farming events. They're hosted by official and non-official p101 sites occasionally. I love these events because I can gain NXP very fast thanks to everyone that joins. Also, it's fun talking to everyone! I wish they're hosted more often and maybe some other cool events as well. Teamwork is always great(: 
~Two-faced Heather
May 28, 2015

One of my favorite things to do is to farm bosses for unique gear. Bosses like Captain Swing and Moo Manchu all have very unique gear that is very nice to farm. Every time I fight I cross my fingers in hope that I can get it my first time on the quest. It's happened several time like the time I got Old Man Bronco Guns and Lo Pans Helm. However, after I found out about Unique gear in the game, I just had to collect gear even if it was below level. In this picture, I'm trying to get some of old Gortez's gear
Witty Xavier
May 29, 2015
The reason why I love attacking other enemies' ships is the thrill. Blasting cannons and summoning magical powers that will tear down their ships bring some nautical experience points, and fighting on the skyway is so special. Come to think of it, if the cannonball fired and missed you, it will just drop down the sky, and maybe land on pirates down below. How funny will that be!
Ambitious Christina
May 27, 2015

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