Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fun with Frames - Wizard101 Winners

First off let me say just wow! Everyone did an amazing job. 
Congratulations to all the winners!!

Grand prize winner
10,000 crowns
One thing that keeps me motivated to play the game are tapestries. I am a tapestry collector. In the game, I enjoy many things, mainly crafting tapestries. Tapestries can serve as shortcuts from various places in the spiral, saving you a lot of time if you are questing with a membership for a limited time. They are fun to make and collect as you get to do various activities and as you get them all, you have this wonderful housing feeling to put it on tours and to see what rank you will get. Tapestries are things that I try to collect, but I cannot always do it.
Alex FireBlade
May 26, 2015

10 Random Winners
Random crowns amount from 2,500 to 5000 crowns

I really enjoy playing Wizard101 and have different activities that I like so it is hard to decide which one I prefer, crafting, pets, farming, but I would say that PvP is the one I like the most. Here in the picture I am doing PvP, I managed to get a screenshot of my Wizard casting a death spell as she is learning the death school.
Best Regards,
Ashley Winterdreamer, lvl 35 Death.
May 25, 2015

 Hey my name is Anna Fairy Bloom this is my picture. This is what my favorite activity is most of the time I only do is FARM!!! This month I been farming for mote of wisdom reagent at the last boss in Hollow mountain. Like I know farming gets really boring sometime so I chat with friends and listen to good music to get the farming going with some more fun :) And plus I picked and pirate frame because I think like wizards and pirates they all go for the big LOOT like i'm going for this reagent and you never know what evil white fairy's can be watching you to take your loot ;)
Awesome contest
Anna FairyBloom
May 27, 2015
 I’ve been playing since year one, and for a long time I thought decorating was just a waste. Waste of gold, waste of time, waste of space. However, since then decorating houses has become my favorite in game activity.  I first started decorating after being inspired by some absolutely jaw dropping screenshots of people's houses posted online. and decorating has slowly become more and more of an obsession. I love the whole, long, complicated process from coming up with an idea, to farming the bazaar and bosses for the perfect items and crafting pages of furniture, to trying to actually create my vision, to realizing I have a better idea and scraping everything to start the whole thing over again. Glitching presents a whole other level of challenge, and I’m absolutely in awe of the many things people have created using glitches, especially because I’m still at the “learning to float things” stage. Yes, still. Don’t get me wrong, decorating can be absolutely infuriating. Things never seem to work out the way you envision, it eats through hundreds of thousands of gold in the blink of an eye, and it takes f o r e v e r. But I still absolutely love the raw creativity that goes into it and will never stop pushing towards the unattainable; my perfect house.
Mary Darkriver
May 28, 2015
  My favorite activity in Wizard101 lately has been farming. I have been constantly farming whether it be at Morganthe, Castle Darkmoor, or even Riptide Goliaths in Khrysalis. While I farm for jewels at the Riptide Goliaths I enjoy spamming the spell, Tempest. The activity is even better when my wizard criticals while I am farming!
Blake SparkleWraith
May 26, 2015
 Gardening is my favorite in game activity. Everyday when I log in, the first thing I do is check on my gardens. For me, gardening opens up a variety of other things you can do within the game. Almost all of my characters have their own gardens. Gardening can be used as decoration, or to gather items such as reagents, treasure cards, pet snacks, and gold. All of which branch out into other parts of game and helps me to enjoy other parts of the game more. 
Michelle ShadowGem
May 26, 2015
 I have set the stage for Beauty and the Beast. I really am into theater and I love bringing theater into wizard101. I enjoy building and designing the sets, the props, and working with great actors. Basically, my favorite thing to do in game is to work on my house. as you can see, I spend a lot of time with my stage. I have a trapdoor for better effects, and built on separate balconies onto each side. I like designing my stage because it's fun and it looks cool at the end. also, I get to brag to my friends about my designing skills. XD
-Lucas Dragonslinger
May 23, 2015 
My absolute favorite activity in the game is to dance... With pets of course! I know this sounds quite odd but once they added the new member dances and how pets can dance with you, it's just so much fun! Before going into a dungeon for drops etc... I get my dancing pants on and get funky! It's what I do for luck. Sometimes people get annoyed because right before I jump into the hatcher I am doing the fresh! Sometimes I even start dance mobs in the commons. If you ever see me in the spiral me and my pet Baby Jasper will be all over that dance floor. #dancing4dayz! Thanks so much for letting me share my favorite activities in the spiral! Hope you enjoy my frame.
Kiley Flame
May 28, 2015 
 My Favorite in game activity is Decorating my Castles. I always make sure I go out of the normal to make my houses look different and unique from other ones. I have a house filled with fish and one filled with trees in which I made my own forest like castle. I framed a picture of me right in front of my castle and its here as an attachment. NB: my wizard name is Bradley, it has no Last name. Just Bradley. Hope I did all the requirement and hope I win :) Thanks 
May 29, 2015
 My favorite activity in game is of me doing pvp. Every since I found pvp around 2012 it's became my most favorite thing to do. I mostly make characters to pvp, I'm not a fan of just leveling and farming, but once I'm able to pvp it's worth it. In first age pvp I was a complete noob and didn't really know what to do. Then after awhile I made my first level 30 ice pvper, and I got it to commander, I was so happy and I wore the badge all the time. I was scared to do more pvp matches because I didn't want to lose commander. Then I finally got enough courage to do more matches, I won and kept winning. Finally after awhile I got commander boots then helm. Finally I got warlord and it was one of the greatest moments in game for me. After awhile I started making more characters for pvp, and I kept getting them warlord/commander and I almost had a full account worth of warlords/commanders.
Hunter StormHammer
May 25, 2015

I started thinking about all of the thing I really enjoy in Wizard101. Some of my favorites include crafting, hatching and fishing. But there is one activity that for me gets me excited for the game more than anything, farming. We all know farming can be a nightmare (Darkmoor anyone??), but I'm still completely addicted to it. I'm excited every time I finish a battle and I hear the chime of my drops. Looking through the loot I just received and hoping that one special thing I am trying for is there. Sure it can be frustrating (Loremaster anyone??), but when you finally get that drop sometimes after years of farming for it on and off, it's amazing.
Angela ShadowGarden Fire wizard (in the "magma man" disguise)
May 27, 2015


  1. Thank you Paige for another fun contest. You really come up with some great ideas. Angela ShadowGarden

  2. This was a very fun and interesting contest! Keep making contests! You're great at it!!!! :)
    - Gabrielle FoeTalon


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