Monday, June 29, 2015

Introducing the Shrieking Eel from Pirate101

The Shrieking Eel Is the newest pet in the crowned shop at Pirate101 .  I just love the coloring of this pet, don't you?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dorm Decorating Revisited - A Hint of Something to Come

The last tip of the month is dorm rooms! Every wizard has one.  Dorm rooms can be simple to grand scale,  where you cannot even tell its a dorm room. The image above is from decorating on a budget. That dorm room only cost 300 gold to create. I used all the free quests items and bought flooring and paper.
The next dorm room is one I created from last years dorm contest. The theme was create a shop, well I made a Chicken shop.  I have chickens for sell, the robot was painting eggs for anyone who wanting them, he was using a special flower scented dye. Music box gave shoppers that most needed music, plus it kept the chickens calm.  I had a broom hanging on the wall for clean up. A small candle was to check eggs to make sure if there where any chicks inside and well those mushrooms always tend to grow around the hay. Mushrooms don't always look so great but the chickens liked them.

I created this shop by using the 2 tatami floor mats, it was simple and easy to create. Hope you enjoyed Junes decorating tip month. If you ever have something that you need help with showing how to create it, please send a email too and I might show it right here on Paige' Page. Below are links to all the tips I have given. Until next time, happy house decorating.

JULY 9, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Are you ready for KI LIve?? June 25, 2015 4 pm Central

Join KingsIsle Community Mangers for this special event looking at what's new in KingsIsle games! Get your creative questions ready because they will be answering the best ones from the community and giving away awesome prizes! Follow us on Twitter @Wizard101 and return to this page at 4:00 PM US Central on Thursday, June 25th, 2015 to take part in this live, interactive event. 

Oh and if you missed any of the shows you can watch them HERE

Darkmoor Cobwebs, Candles and Skulls.

I have had many players ask me how I'm creating my cobweb creations. Well it's actually very simple. For the candles and skulls I used the carved podium  floating technique, (just click on the word carved podium to see that blog post).  After I placed all the candles and skulls I wanted , I worked with the piano by using a tatami mat. It might take a bit of moving back and forth to make sure you have them looking like a chandelier.
Now for the spider in he webs. You will need a stone pedestal base and a tatami mat. Place the base on the mat. By clicking on the mat move base with mat into the desired area. Place any pet, I used spiders for this on top of the base. Now click on the mat and rotate it. Move it out of the way.

Now the fun starts your going to use a castle block wall.   Any castle block wall will work as long as it's a full size not a medium wall. Place the wall where you can see the spider legs hanging out the front. (image above).  Now all you have to do is place the cobweb on to the wall. Now simply remove the wall and there you go,  a spider in the web . Now you can place more webs or anything to give that real to life feel. Hope you enjoyed this housing segment. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Mobile Game from KingsIsle!!!

Rise & Destroy is currently in soft launch in  Australia & Ireland!. What is a soft launch? Best is to check out Wiki Here. It's basically,  English mobile games launching in not so populated countries to test their product. So are you from Australia & Ireland!?? Check out and let me know how you like it.

From what I have seen this is going to be a fun and exciting new mobile game. I know my house is excited and cannot wait for the fall of 2015 to come! We want to Rise and Destroy!! The graphics for this mobile game give that KingsIsle feel that we all come to love at my house. Can Fall come quicker?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sail into Summer with a Pirate101 Sale!

Now through June 21, 2015 save up to 50% OFF ships and select ship equipment. Ship cabin, and furniture too!!! Just look at all this stuff you can save on!! Check out the Pirate101 Sale today!!
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The Art of Making Something Come to Life

When placing items on the ground,  they tend to look like they have been placed on top a wall. I have taught myself how to bring life to these items, simply by what I call layering. When you look in the real world everything has layers to them.  Look at your desk I bet there are layers, Paper, pencil and everything you need in life to work.
So lets take this leaning palm tree? Laying it on the ground makes it look like there's a palm tree sitting on top of a green colored floor, so let's put some life into it. Add some peat to make the item have the feeling of growing out of the ground, now add a green plant, there is another layer.
Now take some more peat and plants , lets even add a flower now, see how much more layers we're getting? Oh  by the way, I'm only using the two tatami floor mats to do all this. Add a few more peat and plants pets, maybe even a mount and you will have a completed living piece (as in first image).

 This also works in gardening. If you want more life to an area add a garden plant and once its elder second spring it. Kitchen / Mad Scientist areas all work the same, you wouldn't set a table down with nothing on top of it. You would need to add layers to give an area that lived in feeling.  Below are a few areas I have  given a few areas I have done using this technique. Hope you enjoyed this segment. Until next time, happy house decorating.
This also with spiral gates. You can turn your spiral gate into a piece of art that looks alive. I don't like the look of the spiral gates. I end up changing all spiral gates and my banks to fit the theme of the house I'm creating.  Iridian Willowgem made a great video for this.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tiki Waverider Mount at Pirate101

Just in time for summer! The Tiki Waverider Mount comes to Pirate101 Crowned Shop!! This mount is one fun ride and for only 5000 crowns,  its a steal too. Surfs up Pirates!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Bunkbeds Revisited - Simple steps

Things you will need;  3 creates, 3 small rugs, 2 tatami mats, One board,  I'm using the one from crowned shop. You can purchase for gold, 2 beds and a rug for detail. You might even want a small ladder to place beside the bunk-bed so it looks like you can climb up. One thing to remember with bunk beds and working up high. You should start at the top and work down.  It's so easy to pick up items you have placed below

Now let me see if I can explain this in the most simple way.  Take 2 crates place them end to end , so now you have crate 1 and crate 2. Take 2 rugs and place them end to end I numbered them 1 and 2. Pick up rug 1 and place it on crate 1. The image should look like above image.

Now to separate them  Click on crate 1 and move it backwards , will look like image below. Now place crate 1 with rug 1 on top of the crate with no number, should look like second image below.

Okay were set for the fun parts.  Take one rug ( I use the small blue trimmed rug ) and place the board on top of it as it image above. Click on the rug and move it  up onto rug number 1 on the crate stack. Once it sits flush you're ready. (Images below).

Now your ready to place your first bed. I decided to use the Avalon beds to be a give of flare. Once you have placed your bed it's time to remove all the boards and crates. You are going to do this by only clicking on the rug, then pick it up. This will leave the bed in the air.

Now take your second bed and place it under the one floating, try to be as even as possible because you want those poles to line up. End product will look like the image below. You can now add rugs decor and all other decorating items to finish off the room. Oh and don't forget a ladder it helps bring the bunk bed feeling. Hope you enjoyed this segment and until next time. Happy house decorating.
Paige MoonShade

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 2015 Rogue's Gallery: Phule

This months rogue gallery is about Phule. I remember the first time I saw Phule,  it was during the battle Port Regal,  lower cells. It was so fun to see such a character.  To learn more about Phule you can check out Pirate101 Central Wiki  . Also check out this month's Pirate101 Newsletter

Monday, June 1, 2015

Terra Forming-Simple and Easy

 What is Terra-Forming? Simple, it's taking a area or room and making it something not for the normal houses specks, like changing the climate. You start with a blank area or room like in the above image and change it, simple? Yes it is. I will give you simple steps anyone can learn.
 Things you will need to start this process; two tatami floor mats, one small rug , one board. and all  the items such as ; flowers, plants,  rocks and flooring/paper if your working inside. Lets start you off by using the biggest items.

 Place both mats on the floor end to end, now place your big item, I used some boulders. Set the item on the end of mat number 1, to move into place by only touching mat number 1. Now click on mat number 2  rotate and move away, this will remove both mats.. 

For items such as castle blocks you will need a small rug and board (as in image below). Just move the board and rug into place by using the rug,  place your item on top of board then click on rug and move it away.

Now we get into details. I have said this many time before details can make or break your decorating. No area in real life is a flat surface so why should your Wizard101 housing be? For water areas you will have;  rocks, plants, dirt, moving water at different levels. These are easy to place by using the tatami mats technique. 

Each level of area is another step,  flower bed on top of flower bed to create each layer until you have your finished area.  Finishing touches add to this effect. Below I have some images of finished works including a lava area. Hope you enjoyed this segment  . Until next time happy house decorating. Just to let those Pirate101 players know. these steps also work in Pirate101
Paige MoonShade