Monday, June 8, 2015

Bunkbeds Revisited - Simple steps

Things you will need;  3 creates, 3 small rugs, 2 tatami mats, One board,  I'm using the one from crowned shop. You can purchase for gold, 2 beds and a rug for detail. You might even want a small ladder to place beside the bunk-bed so it looks like you can climb up. One thing to remember with bunk beds and working up high. You should start at the top and work down.  It's so easy to pick up items you have placed below

Now let me see if I can explain this in the most simple way.  Take 2 crates place them end to end , so now you have crate 1 and crate 2. Take 2 rugs and place them end to end I numbered them 1 and 2. Pick up rug 1 and place it on crate 1. The image should look like above image.

Now to separate them  Click on crate 1 and move it backwards , will look like image below. Now place crate 1 with rug 1 on top of the crate with no number, should look like second image below.

Okay were set for the fun parts.  Take one rug ( I use the small blue trimmed rug ) and place the board on top of it as it image above. Click on the rug and move it  up onto rug number 1 on the crate stack. Once it sits flush you're ready. (Images below).

Now your ready to place your first bed. I decided to use the Avalon beds to be a give of flare. Once you have placed your bed it's time to remove all the boards and crates. You are going to do this by only clicking on the rug, then pick it up. This will leave the bed in the air.

Now take your second bed and place it under the one floating, try to be as even as possible because you want those poles to line up. End product will look like the image below. You can now add rugs decor and all other decorating items to finish off the room. Oh and don't forget a ladder it helps bring the bunk bed feeling. Hope you enjoyed this segment and until next time. Happy house decorating.
Paige MoonShade


  1. VERY nicely explained. I actually feel I can do this now. Well done Paige. I am starting to see you as the Masked Magician of Housing. You know the Masked Magician? He is the one that does those shows where he explains how are the cool magic tricks are done. That's you for us :D
    Just love these lessons.
    Please Ma'am, May we have some more?

  2. This is fun, thanks Paige! Angela ShadowGarden


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