Monday, June 22, 2015

Darkmoor Cobwebs, Candles and Skulls.

I have had many players ask me how I'm creating my cobweb creations. Well it's actually very simple. For the candles and skulls I used the carved podium  floating technique, (just click on the word carved podium to see that blog post).  After I placed all the candles and skulls I wanted , I worked with the piano by using a tatami mat. It might take a bit of moving back and forth to make sure you have them looking like a chandelier.
Now for the spider in he webs. You will need a stone pedestal base and a tatami mat. Place the base on the mat. By clicking on the mat move base with mat into the desired area. Place any pet, I used spiders for this on top of the base. Now click on the mat and rotate it. Move it out of the way.

Now the fun starts your going to use a castle block wall.   Any castle block wall will work as long as it's a full size not a medium wall. Place the wall where you can see the spider legs hanging out the front. (image above).  Now all you have to do is place the cobweb on to the wall. Now simply remove the wall and there you go,  a spider in the web . Now you can place more webs or anything to give that real to life feel. Hope you enjoyed this housing segment. Until next time, happy house decorating.

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