Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dorm Decorating Revisited - A Hint of Something to Come

The last tip of the month is dorm rooms! Every wizard has one.  Dorm rooms can be simple to grand scale,  where you cannot even tell its a dorm room. The image above is from decorating on a budget. That dorm room only cost 300 gold to create. I used all the free quests items and bought flooring and paper.
The next dorm room is one I created from last years dorm contest. The theme was create a shop, well I made a Chicken shop.  I have chickens for sell, the robot was painting eggs for anyone who wanting them, he was using a special flower scented dye. Music box gave shoppers that most needed music, plus it kept the chickens calm.  I had a broom hanging on the wall for clean up. A small candle was to check eggs to make sure if there where any chicks inside and well those mushrooms always tend to grow around the hay. Mushrooms don't always look so great but the chickens liked them.

I created this shop by using the 2 tatami floor mats, it was simple and easy to create. Hope you enjoyed Junes decorating tip month. If you ever have something that you need help with showing how to create it, please send a email too and I might show it right here on Paige' Page. Below are links to all the tips I have given. Until next time, happy house decorating.

JULY 9, 2015

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