Monday, June 1, 2015

Terra Forming-Simple and Easy

 What is Terra-Forming? Simple, it's taking a area or room and making it something not for the normal houses specks, like changing the climate. You start with a blank area or room like in the above image and change it, simple? Yes it is. I will give you simple steps anyone can learn.
 Things you will need to start this process; two tatami floor mats, one small rug , one board. and all  the items such as ; flowers, plants,  rocks and flooring/paper if your working inside. Lets start you off by using the biggest items.

 Place both mats on the floor end to end, now place your big item, I used some boulders. Set the item on the end of mat number 1, to move into place by only touching mat number 1. Now click on mat number 2  rotate and move away, this will remove both mats.. 

For items such as castle blocks you will need a small rug and board (as in image below). Just move the board and rug into place by using the rug,  place your item on top of board then click on rug and move it away.

Now we get into details. I have said this many time before details can make or break your decorating. No area in real life is a flat surface so why should your Wizard101 housing be? For water areas you will have;  rocks, plants, dirt, moving water at different levels. These are easy to place by using the tatami mats technique. 

Each level of area is another step,  flower bed on top of flower bed to create each layer until you have your finished area.  Finishing touches add to this effect. Below I have some images of finished works including a lava area. Hope you enjoyed this segment  . Until next time happy house decorating. Just to let those Pirate101 players know. these steps also work in Pirate101
Paige MoonShade


  1. Beyond awesome Paige :D You make this look so easy. Your instructions sound simple enough, I can't wait to go give this a try. Thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge. <3

  2. Nice, using fireflowers as lava.

  3. How did you get the water flowing from the ceiling?

    1. That is a fountain on the floor. I used the rug and board


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