Monday, June 15, 2015

The Art of Making Something Come to Life

When placing items on the ground,  they tend to look like they have been placed on top a wall. I have taught myself how to bring life to these items, simply by what I call layering. When you look in the real world everything has layers to them.  Look at your desk I bet there are layers, Paper, pencil and everything you need in life to work.
So lets take this leaning palm tree? Laying it on the ground makes it look like there's a palm tree sitting on top of a green colored floor, so let's put some life into it. Add some peat to make the item have the feeling of growing out of the ground, now add a green plant, there is another layer.
Now take some more peat and plants , lets even add a flower now, see how much more layers we're getting? Oh  by the way, I'm only using the two tatami floor mats to do all this. Add a few more peat and plants pets, maybe even a mount and you will have a completed living piece (as in first image).

 This also works in gardening. If you want more life to an area add a garden plant and once its elder second spring it. Kitchen / Mad Scientist areas all work the same, you wouldn't set a table down with nothing on top of it. You would need to add layers to give an area that lived in feeling.  Below are a few areas I have  given a few areas I have done using this technique. Hope you enjoyed this segment. Until next time, happy house decorating.
This also with spiral gates. You can turn your spiral gate into a piece of art that looks alive. I don't like the look of the spiral gates. I end up changing all spiral gates and my banks to fit the theme of the house I'm creating.  Iridian Willowgem made a great video for this.

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