Saturday, July 25, 2015

New Housing Art Furniture in Pirate101 Test

Sorry I'm a bit late on the draw but have you seen the new furniture pieces in Pirate101 test?? You can now have the art of the spiral in your hideout! There is also Ranked PvP! Wizards if your into ranked PvP you should try Pirate101 Ranked PvP.  Also a new nautical gauntlet, new pet hybrids and new secret trainers!! Check out the Pirate101 test realm notes here.
Skull Island
So I want to show these amazing new pieces of furniture! Each piece comes with art for that world of the spiral. I went through them and found my favorite art to show in this post. I do hope you enjoy these pieces of furniture as much as I do.
 How I'm going to show these is, I will show the piece of furniture and then my favorite piece of art. You can see so many art pieces. I only decided to show my favorites, enjoy and don't forget to check out the test realm notes at Pirate101.


 Cool Ranch




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  1. I saw Paige yesterday in the Tournaments. She was amazing! I wish I had gotten to add her. Go Paige go!

    Julia Rainbreaker


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