Friday, July 24, 2015

Sixth Annual Best Little Dorm in Wizard City Winners!!!!

Congratulations Dorm Decorating Winners!!!
All prizes have been sent out

Our 4 judges certainly had their work cut out for them. This year Wizards came out to win but, the Judges did it!!!  They have found the winners for the 6th Annual Best Little Dorm contest. So many amazing entries!
Each entry was scored by 4 categories:  (1) Use of the 5 items (2) Paragraph One (3) Paragraph Two, and (4) Over All Theme.  Thank you to all who entered!  And to all our winners who put so much effort and talent into creating that perfect dorm themes!

Grand Prize
Angel IceCaster
Mad Scientist 
I chose to use the Olde Town Music Player for my dorm. The most noticeable part of this music player is the large crystal ball placed on top of it. We all know how crystal balls have special powers. Well, the mad scientist who lives here seems to have found yet another extraordinary power of mystical crystal ball! It acts similar to a Tesla coil with its nuclear, yet safe, power. The power generator sits in the middle of the room with a beam of electricity shooting upward at all times. This powerful generator keeps the mad scientist’s evil lair powered at all times. He has all kinds of strange contraptions and experimental work benches. In picture A you can see an experiment where he is trying to switch the brains of a girl and pet egg! There is also a conveyor belt of his golem creations. His desk is scattered with papers, tools, and plans. Picture B shows another work bench with levers and colorful potions that he uses for all kinda of evil deeds with more strange machines in the window.

As stated earlier, the music player’s magic orb powers the evil scientist’s laboratory. Next, in Picture A, a girl is tied to a seat with a coil of rope so she cannot escape the evil scientist’s experiment. On the seat next to her is a pet egg. The scientist is trying to switch their brains with a crazy contraption. The pet egg wants her brain, so there is no need to tie it up, but the girl does not want the brain of an egg, so she needs to be restricted. In picture B, there are 4 levers (3 in the picture) made from the jousting rack. Only the scientist knows what these levers might do, so don’t touch! On the table below is a potted flower arrangement holding a rare specimen. This particular flower has important chemicals that the scientist uses in his many potions! Lastly, in picture B on the right side of the window, the small smoke stack can be seen on top of an oil barrel. This is the scientists back up form of power. The oil constantly rises through the smoke stack and s absorbed into the vents of the many machines for fuel. Don’t stay in the lab for too long!

First Place 
Diana RoseStone
The Dream Maker 

Have you ever wondered where dreams came from? How those little thoughts and images came to you in your sleep? Gather around for I am about to tell you. In the deepest part of the Spiral, where no wizard travels, there is a tower. Within this tower a crystal ball sits playing its soft lullaby. Though there are hundreds of crystal balls in the world of wizardry there is none like this one. This crystal ball is the Dream Maker. As it plays its song the tower flows with powerful magic. It takes in all the memories and feelings in the spiral and produces the dreams of wizards. No one knows how the Dream Maker or tower itself came to be, nor do they know how it runs. Next to the Dream Maker there is an empty chair but there never appears to be anyone there. The only living thing that can be seen in the tower is an old brown owl.

What would else would you find in this tower you ask? Well I personally have never seen it but I can tell you what I have heard. There are shelves with books full of dreams and sleep. Many books seemed to have never been touched considering they are covered in cobwebs(Spider Egg Sac) and dust. Colorful wires(Jousting Rack) are found all around the tower flowing the magic and dreams from the dream maker into the tower then out into the spiral. The walls of the tower display projections of the dreams it creates. Dreams such as fire elves running through a flowers(Potted Flower Arrangement). and dreams about being a detective, checking items for clues(Coil of Rope). Sadly not every dream is full of sunshine and joy. Sometimes the dark feelings and memories are just too strong. When this happens a projection from black smoke(Small Smoke Stack) is made. When this happens a nightmare is created. Sadly this is all I know and can tell you. For most things about the tower and Dream Maker still remain a mystery.

Second Place 
Michael ShadowLeaf

Mooshu Shrine
The peaceful serenity of this shrine is encircled around the playing of music to calm the spirits in the afterlife. Moodha and decease member of the royal family gather here to bless those who preform valiantly to please those of the afterlife. Here at this sacred shrine, wishes are granted in a variety of ways. Wishes are granted by playing music, dancing, singing, and offering valuables to deceased loved ones. The main theme for this dorm is a Mooshu shrine which creates the atmosphere of such in a serene and graceful manner. Many people and other creatures, near the Mooshu area, gather here to please the spirits of their passed relatives using music and other spiritual entertainment! The shrine in the middle represents the spirits' "House of Gathering." This is a sacred shrine representing a gathering place for the decease and a spiritual link to the spirit world and the living. Visitors gather around here to preform spiritual music in hopes for fortune, health, and overall satisfying their passed loved ones. The shrine in the right is the Shrine of Royals, which this shrine is where the royal family and, on rare occasions, Moodha appear before visitors in search for outstanding spiritual music. It is an honor to be blessed by the Shrine of Royals so the legend goes. On the left of the House of Gathering is the Wishing Board where visitors who are incapable or lack musical talents go to relinquish cherished items while inscribing their wish on the wall. The kimonos is one of the special outfits that are worn to a sacred place such as this shrine. This shrine works with the Jade Palace Music Player because the player originated from the pristine Jade Palace where the royal family and even Moodha reside. The Jade Palace respects music as it main source of peaceful entertainment, and that lead to the construction of the Jade Palace Music Player. It's a Mooshu theme player with the looks of a shrine itself, so this music player was an appropriate foundation towards a shrine dedicated to using music to appeal to the afterlife. A sincere blessing towards all the musical talents out there and may everyone's future be bright!

Firstly, the coil of rope is used as measuring tape and for a variety of purpose all leading to making garments for this musical/talent based shrine. This coil of rope is said to have some sort of magic that finishes the garment, such as a kimono, into a brilliant masterpiece. The second object is the smoke stack which I placed near the shrine to act as chimney for the House of Gathering. This small smoke stack is supposedly a vent for the spirits to release their thoughts and stress in order to watch or listen to spiritual performances without any distractions of any sort. It is also believed to be another passage, aside from the tiny arch door, to exit to and from the House of Gathering to closely observe performances. The jousting racks act as the 4 Pillars of Harmony representing spirit, mind, body, and the last pillar remains a mystery. Monks hypothesize that the last pillar is the embodiment of music as the shrine is built around music, or it could be the embodiment of entertainment. It is said that these pillars help regulate the deceased to help them not lose self and to prevent them to becoming souls lost in the abyss. I choose the Purple Faberge Egg as my egg, it represents beginning and brings upon fortune towards anyone near it. It is one of the sacred treasures that is said to be brought to the shrine by Moodha when a member of the royal family played a musical piece to an astonishing level impressing Moodha himself. What made it special is that it grew out of a Potted Purple Pansy which shocks visitors when first viewed upon. Former members of the royal/imperial family visit visitors in response to hearing or viewing a talent that impresses them. They reward the spiritualist's talent with a Potted Flower Arrangement which blesses the person or creature with many good fortunes. Lastly, the music player I used is the Jade Palace Music Player. It was first presented to the first monks of this shrine by the royal family. It later was used as the base and foundation of the shrine making it the main shrine gathering spirits to view spiritual musical talents and other forms of talents. This music player was practically engraved into the shrine and is now known as the House of Gathering. Gather towards the former shrine of the Peacemakers and express your talents to the spirits!

Third Place
Jacob Ice
The Tranquil Jungle Clearing of King Mansa

Nestled in the deep, thick forests of the Drum Jungle lies a long forgotten clearing of tranquil harmony.  Many years ago, a family of Gorillas lived in the clearing.  These Gorillas worshipped the Lions of Zafaria, such as the current King Mansa, as they revered their strong attitude and incredible dexterity.  The Gorillas would perform drum circle ceremonies before the Lion statue, creating captivating, rhythmic scores of music for hours each day.  Their favorite instrument was the Drum Player, which had magnifying horns attached to make the drums louder and reverberate around the clearing.  The serene clearing was eventually abandoned by the Gorillas, due to the destructive effects of the Shadow Weavers which made home in the Drum Jungle.  In present day, following the horrible events of the meteor, Xibalba, which destroyed Azteca, a family of Quetzals fled to Zafaria and found the clearing.  Together, they laid an egg and are raising it in the safe haven of the clearing.  It is a little known fact that Quetzals are quite restless in their eggs, and therefore the Quetzals were forced to tie the egg up to ensure it does not fall and get injured.

My dorm is a mix of Mooshu, Zafaria, and Azteca themes.  My original plan was just a Zafaria theme, but I wanted to make the theme prettier and more detailed, so I decided to incorporate certain Mooshu items such as Koi Ponds and Pink Lilies.  I also added additional plant life to the Koi ponds, such as the Potted Flower Arrangements, heartblossoms, cat tails, and bamboo.  Once I came up with a storyline, I decided to add Aztecan elements, such as Aztecan drums and the Quetzals.  This was how I incorporated the Quetzal egg, and the rope which ensured the egg was kept safe.   I then added a stone fireplace which the Gorillas had used for cooking, and a smoke stack to direct the smoke the fireplace created away from the clearing.  After I had built the Lion statue up on his rocky hill, I added additional ornamentation to imply that he was being worshipped, such as the tallow candles and, in particular, the Jousting Racks, which made him look much more regal.  As a way to worship the Lion, I also added various instruments, primarily drums, because they matched the Zafarian theme.  I didn't want to use ornate drums, because they would look out of place.  Therefore, I only used tribal-based drums, such as blue top drums and wide drums.  I also added a gong, because I felt that the Gorillas would like an instrument other than drums to use in their ceremonies.  Finally, I used a Ravenscar Turntable, but made it into a Drum Player instead, with fancy magnification horns to make the Player louder.  I changed the original purpose of it because Turntables are electric, and naturally, there wouldn't be any electricity in a jungle! 

4 Judges Choice Awards 
Judge A
Corwin Frog
Full package!!. Dorm room read Policemen Ball and the paragraphs complemented the package.
Policemen's Ball
Abigail Doolittle plans this for a long time but who knew that was so much work? I had to get all these crates of supplies nicked by the O'Learys, then I had to recover David Beeman's fiddle, stolen by some sweeps and finally, I had to chaperon the Marleybone ladies to be sure they'll be safe and their goods too! Amy Brooks was bringing the punchbowl, Catherine Dalton the table settings and Linda Milltop, who lent her best china and silverware, absolutely wanted to bring her last purchase, a Fabergé egg! She was right though, a Policemen's Ball is probably the safest place to exhibit some rare items... Although, I'm glad I had an idea too. I provided a Marleybonaphone. David Beeman is a fine musician but not that much after few root beers, eh, eh. Then, the boys in blue were relieved to rely on a music player, that's the best for a long party, to keep having music your way!

How did the asked items work in my theme? Quite easily I'd say. First I used a music player, the Marleybonaphone, obviously needed in a Marleybonean ball! Then the Coil of Rope, pretty handy to carry all these crates of supplies. The Small Smoke Stack sticks out of a pipe from the fireplace... I know, right? These Marleybonean and their smoky steam setups! The Jousting Rack was diverted into a beer pump for the counter, eh, eh. A Red Faberge Egg is displayed, nope don't look at me, that was Linda Milltop's idea, she and her shiny things! She said it was to bring some beauty among the rough policemen society but I'm sure she just wished to show off and make the other ladies jealous! Hopefully, Catherine Dalton is less bling bling and brought the cute Potted Flower Arrangement for the table setting.

Judge B
Alura Mist
I'm astounded at the creativity of this player!
I couldn’t think of a better theme for music than my own life. I created a summer day in a backyard because of how relaxing summer can be to students who have been desperately needing a break from class. It also symbolizes the way music makes me feel, how it is able to give me a calming focal point when I’m stressed over multiple projects and approaching due dates. The broken AC symbolizes all the problems in my life, because when looked at with a broad point of view, they really aren’t that bad. When I walk, work, play, or exercise I listen to music. I don’t do much without music because it always gives me that calm summer feeling, like nothing can ever be so bad that I can’t handle it with a little maintenance, just like a broken AC.

Welcome to my backyard young witches and wizards! Please, have a seat near the pool and pick up a good book. Watch yourself though, a Toucant has made her home in the tree above your head and laid an egg (egg item)! How amazing is it to have a baby bird in your own backyard to watch grow? Maybe she chose my yard because of my beautiful flower boxes? I have all kinds of flowers growing there (including the potted plant), so I guess you can say I have a green thumb! Below are my… wait! Who threw the hose (rope) on my flower bed after filling the pool?!? Ahem… sorry about that… With the nice summer breeze and shade from the tree, it’s cooler outside because our AC broke (small smoke stack). We’re keeping the curtains (jousting racks) closed to hopefully keep the sun from baking our house. Unfortunately, I can’t work out in the garden without music so the kitchen window is open to allow music (music player) to flow out into the yard. Who can work or relax without music anyway? Crazy people, that’s who!
Judge C
Calamity PixieShade
Huge Phantom fan, and this room more than lived up to expectations!
The Phantom of the Opera

Once again it’s time for the students of Ravenwood to put on their annual Musical Extravaganza and this year they have chosen to preform, scenes from Phantom of the Opera.   The dormitories have been decked out and transformed to represent various stage sets from the musical.  Inspired by the newly arrived Darkmoor furniture and the Music Player we were able to transform our student housing into a stage replica of 19th century Paris Opera House.  Since this is the Music Your Way challenge they will only be preforming my favorite numbers which include:  Angel of Music which takes place in Christine’s room, The Phantom of the Opera Theme: which takes place in the underground labyrinth by boat ride and Music of the Night, which is preformed beyond the lake in the Phantom’s lair.

For the musical number Angel of Music we get a glimpse into Christine's room where the Phantom sneaks in through the mirrors and has been helping her with her singing lessons.  The Gramophone (Music Player) fits in perfectly with the historical time frame in which the musical takes place and gives her an area to practice.   Her room also contains gifts from her many adoring fans.  Our students searched everywhere in the spiral for items to complete the scene they add everything from teddy bears, to Potted Flowers, and even a Faberge Egg.  For the main Phantom of the Opera theme we get to see the underground labyrinth where our students have commandeered a Grizzlehiem vessel to serve as the Phantom’s boat complete with a Coil of Rope waiting on a nearby rock.   And last but certainly not least we see the Phantom’s Lair where the Music of the Night piece is performed.  The iconic centerpiece to this scene is a giant gothic pipe organ where the Phantom writes his music.  Our students searched far and wide but there was not an organ to be found in all the spiral.  They had to get creative.   A hollowed out old Jousting Rack, and Old Chimney pipes (Small Smoke Stack) bring new life to the broken pianos, creating an intriguing focal point for this climatic number which will be the finale of our production.  We hope everyone enjoys our performance this year.

Judge D
Michelle SpiritSong
Complete Package! Loved the way the Paragraphs and dorm room flowed together.
Song of the Serpant
This is a story that many may know, a tale foretold of a mythical beast that resides in Loch Ness. This vast lake is known to hold Nessie, a creature so large, yet so mysterious that not even scientist can prove Nessie isn't really there. You may yet be a lucky traveler or an unlucky one to see this horror of a beast, but legend spoke that if one really wishes to see Nessie, a melody pleasing to the serpent is the only way to see. There is also a chance for you to pass by and have a glimpse of this beast, but if you don't know for sure you saw her, wait quietly and you might hear the echoing song of Nessie, a piercing melody through the thick mist of Loch Ness. If you happen to see her, you might want to keep quiet, who knows what the price for sharing her secrets truly are, but keep in mind, I'm only a person with a mind to share stories about the mysteries of the world and who knows, I may have tried to play the Song of the Serpant, and caught a glimpse of her, that might be all a tale from me or is it? This dorm uses the Dragonspyre Music Player to represent Nessie. Nessie sings the legendary song of the serpent in lake Loch Ness as it is lured by the wonderful habitat and also the music of the people. The theme Loch Ness and the Loch Ness Monster work with this music player since it has the theme of a monster but also a mythical legend capable of many tales. One of those tales is the song of the serpent. This theme was based upon the legend with a few musical elements added into the legend giving this dorm the appearance of Loch Ness!

 First the coil of rope is used as a safety measure on the boat for research on this special lake. Nessie is rumored to be dangerous so safety is important! The Dragonspyre Music Player is used as the head of Nessie as such a beast needs a powerful voice to sing its song. The jousting racks were used as sails on the fancy canoe to help observe Nessie from above the surface, and the submarine next to it is used to observe this fascinating beast from the bottom. These scientist are luring Nessie with a trumpet and is that quetzel egg Nessie's egg? The trumpet and egg would surely prove an interesting lure for the scientist to observe Nessie. The Potted Flower Assortment is just one of the food that lure and fuel Nessie's beautiful song of the serpent that locals listen to every year. Lastly for the small smoke stack, it was built into the submarine to help regulate the machinery as this submarine is a heavy piece of equipment. Loch Ness is a lake with vast mystery as Nessie uses a magic portal to disappear and appear within the lake to preform the song of the serpent.

15 Honorable Mentions

Nora IronTalon
Dragon Sanctuary

Jason PearlBringer
The Sounds of Music

Nicholas Shadow
DJ Wyrmkin's Wizard101 Rave

Blaine OgreBlood
Raven Coven

Morgrim ShadowFist
Madame Clairey's (fake) Fortune Teller

Lucas DragonRider

Alyssa GoldenFlame
Music Exhibit

Luke FireHeart
Spring Cleaning

Suri ShadowHeart
Drake's Lullaby

Emma DreamWeaver
Return to Pooh Corner

Keena IronWeaver
Ravenscar Story Time

Carlos TrollFist
Hyde Park Community Orchestra

Alexander FrostShard
Alexander’s Winter Wonderland

Eric NightRider
Mooshu Festival

James DragonCatcher
Marleybone Lounge

30 Random Draws(valid entries only)
Erica UnicornHeart
Jordan GreenFlame
Fallon FireBlade
Stephen DragonCaster
Julia RainBreaker
Matthew ShadowBlade
Victoria RoseThorn
Cody FireSword
Angela RainbowSong
Maria MythFlower
Kiley NightHunter
Colin DarkCrafter
Stephanie Song
Iridian WillowGlen
Julia Star
Maria DayFlower
Christina FairyBloom
Rowan Redstone
Saffron LotusFlame
Suri ShadowBlood
Angel River
Grace Bear
Neela RoseWhisper
Devin DeathHeart
Jenna IronHeart
Nicholas ThunderTamer
Aaron WinterWilder
Shelby OrgeShade


  1. Absolutely stunning entries again this year. The creativity always amazes me and this year is no exception. Major congratulations to all the winners. The judges choices were just as brilliant and I send major heals and brownies to all the judges to recover with. Excellent job to all the winners, the poor judges and to our amazing Paige for pulling all this off so spectacularly AGAIN! :D

  2. Even though the winners put in a lot of effort, some people who didn't win anything put a lot of effort into their entries as well! (: good job to everyone!!

    1. Everyone did an amazing job. Alas I wish everyone could win.

  3. Even though I didn't get anything it was still worth seeing all the amazing work people did in this contest, I feel it's all that really matters. Can't wait for the next one Paige!


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