Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wizard101 Test Realm - Starting June 24 2015

 Jewel Collars and Ultra Pets!
I have been busy in test realm , test realm notes and schedule  HERE.   So this time in Wizard101 test we have many exciting new features.  Jeweled and Ultra pets run together because some pets will need to be ultra to add jewels. My Corgi did not I added a energy  Jewel to him. These pet jewels are star shaped. This also means a update to the pet pack, it now gives pet jewels!

New One Shot Duels
How about some new One-Shots? They come in a variety of difficulties and only cost 500 crowns!  You also get a great spinning trophy afterwards. Oh speaking of trophy's with 10 Baddle of the Bands you can now craft a music player,  that looks just like it.

New Ultra Seeds Spells and Garden Seed Vault 

Can you say OMG!!! New seed vault!! I know we have all been wanting this item. This seed vault can hold 100 seeds. You may have one per area in a house, (one inside , one outside). These seeds vaults can be purchased in the crowned shop or crafted. 

We also have 2 new gardening spells plant all and plow all.  These spells work on all plots that are of the same type. So if you have mixed enchanted and regular plots, some for sizes small, medium and large,  The spell will only work on the one type you click on and can be on any of the plots of the same in the area, outside or inside.

You Can Now Share Your Houses

I know many have been wanting to share houses, well here you go! You can now put houses in shared bank. Some restrictions are required though, see image below.

New Furniture,  Wallpaper and Flooring
New furniture, paper and flooring!! You know me I'm a big fan of anything housing related. Just look at these crazy new couches and Omg Simply love the wall paper and flooring. I cannot wait to get these in live realm to start updating some houses.

Celestial Fishing

Can you say new fish! I love Wizard101 fishing and new fish always make me smile and laugh. Just look at this guy. I think he was trying to get me. I hear there are 10 fish in total.

Craftable School Mounts
Last thing I want to talk about are these amazing school craftable school mounts!! Not only are they a really cool mount but I see many uses for these in housing. Gives me a idea for my Desert looking houses. Sandstorms!!, leaves blowing around, Storm clouds in Storm school houses. So many uses.

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