Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 2015 Ravenwood Bulletin Newsletter! - House a Palooza!

If you read the Ravenwood Newsletter you saw a slide show of furniture soon to come to Wizard101.  Looks like we have a new Avalon land plot with wooden,  I repeat WOODEN castle blocks. Can you imagine mixing those with those with Arcane blocks or even Axteca blocks? I sure can I mind is a whirlwind thinking of ideas.
As we watch the slide show you see new world furniture Dragonspyre,  Marleybone,  Mooshu and looks like Wizard City?  I love the round bed, OMG a claw footed bathtub, Mooshu so pretty. Wizard city is that a side bed? These items are fantastic and cannot wait to get my hands on them. House a Palooza is HERE!!!

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