Thursday, August 20, 2015

What's been happening?

Hello Friends,
I'm sorry I haven't been posting much, no excuses, I know. I have been missing my Brother awful bad. Thank you Misty Jackson for the art work Valdus LegendCrafter would approve. So what have I have I been doing? Well been slowly getting back to decorating.  I'm doing 3 houses at this time; Marleybone (Auto Repair, pictures above),  A Royal Playhouse and a Mooshu Tranquil Garden. I'm using the new furniture packs for the inside of the houses.
I have also played some PvP in Pirate101. I did five battles,  only won one though. Hey never said I was good at it. ;) It was nice to see all the players doing PvP. I had fun and good luck to everyone who enter the draw from KingsIsle.


  1. *HUGS* Just take it one day at a time. No need to say sorry. It is great to see you posting again though! And yeah.....I'm not good at PVP either :)

  2. Nicely done. More *Chrissy Hugs* for your healing. We are here for you in any way you need. <3 Your getting back into the swing of things has hit a home run :D That mechanic's house is AWESOME. I am SO looking forward to seeing the rest.


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