Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sinking and Floating.

Greetings Wizards, it's time for another decorating tip.  Things you will need; wooden platform, tatami mat and the item you want to sink/float. This technique will allow you to put items where ever you like. Heather taught me how to do this and it helps me so much. Thank you Heather.

Place your board take the mat and scroll on top of board. Now while your turning the mat (make sure not to set it flush, just use scroll). You now can move this board anywhere. Let's take it down to sink a tree into the ground. 

 See the tower we can use that to take this board down.  Just move the tatami mat over to it in the get it to the right place. ( do not set it down.) you want your board to go, rotate and your board will follow.  
 Once you get your board into place, take the  tatami mat and move it away. Place it off to the side somewhere.  Now place your item, I'm using a tree, just place on the board. Use the tatami mat to turn the board away. Repeat as needed.

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  1. Now that's awesome! I knew about floating. Had no idea you could sink stuff. Cool!


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