Friday, October 30, 2015

Bread Crumbs - Wizard101

Bread Crumbs are a new housing item in Wizard101. You can purchase a pack of seven in the crowned shop for 100 crowns/500 gold or  you can craft them. The crafting recipe will make one bread crumb. These fantastic little crumbs are used in houses to make your pets and mounts do things. So much better than roaming where ever they like. Bread Crumbs count as housing items so watch your count. 
Linking a bread crumb. Place the bread crumbs in the path you would like to see your pets follow. Now you click on the first bread crumb and move the arrow so it heads in the direction of your next bread crumb. Click on the right icon assign next crumb and click on the next crumb in line, follow steps for each crumb. You can have pets go in a circle, a zigzag, or a full on path around your whole house. You can even make pets stay in one spot by only using one crumb and never connecting it to another.  Once you get your path formed you can see the yellow arrows of the path your pet will take.
Now your going to assign a pet to a bread crumb. Click on the left icon. Now click on the pet you want assigned to that one bread crumb. Simple? If you get the words, this pet has been assigned your have completed this step. Each bread crumb can only have one pet assigned. If you have many bread crumbs in your path to follow that means you can have one pet for each of those bread crumbs.
Now were going to talk about behaviors, behaviors are what is going to happen at that certain bread crumb.  Pet emotions; normal, happy, sad, bored, and curious. These are what your will or mount will be acting like when they come to that bread crumb.  You will need to set a pause for how long your pet or mount will stay there. Mine are mostly never over 20 seconds. You pet can walk or teleport to the next bread crumb. I have some crumbs that where my pet will teleport from the bottom or a staircase to the top. (image shown below).
Branching, If you allow branching you can link up to 4 next bread crumbs. This mean the pet will stop and one of the 4 before he moves on to the next in line. I used branching once and made all 4 have a different behavior.  It was fun to see which crumb the pet used. 

I really love this new update. I hope you do too.  I ended up with a trail of 21 bread crumbs with 10 pets following it. I could of had 21 but to me that would of been to busy. So what ideas can you think of pets and mounts to do? I have a horse placed running at a wagon. To find out more of this test realms updates check out Wizard101.  Any questions? Please reply below but don't forget your wizard name.


  1. Who sells the recipe for bread crumbs?

  2. Is there any way to use a bread crumb as a sort of anchor for a pet? Like, If I don't want the pet to move from a specified bread crumb, at all.

    1. Yes. Set the bread crumb for 60 seconds. Walking select your pet you want to stay in that one spot. Don't add to another bread crumb.

      For future questions please make sure to add your wizard name to your question.

  3. so can you use the pet bread crumbs to make your pet teleport outside or just make a train of them going outside?

    1. You can use bread crumbs on pets and mounts. You can make them teleport, dance in place or move around the area.


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