Monday, November 16, 2015

Introducing The Polarian Explorer's Bundle for Wizard101

 Introducing the Polarian Explorer's Bundle, from Game Stop. This bundle is a vast frozen land of ice and snow. There are lots of places to slide on the ice, although a Wizard cannot fall its sure fun to slide fast as you can across them ice. This bundle includes;
Polarian Shipwreck House
Battle Narwhal Mount
Dyeable Penguin Pet
Polarian Explorer's Gear
Polarian Explorer's Pickaxe
1 Month or 5,000 Crowns

 The inside of the ship wreck has a ice skating ring in the main hall and 4 smaller side rooms. I can't wait to get my mind on decorating this house. Inside one of the caves there is an explorer waiting to give you free gifts once a day.  Check out Wizard101 to find out more about this bundle.
 If you get lost hey check out this land map Swordroll created!
Land map created by Swordroll

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank you for your service.

A special thank you from Kingsisle to those who serve.  This poppy display is a special Thank you to all Veterans. Check out Veterans Day Giveaway at Wizard101 and Pirate101. Use the code poppy2015 to receive the gift on both. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kingsisle Mobile Game- Rise & Destroy

Are you ready for that next new thing from Kingsisle? Rise & Destroy is out world wide! Learn more in the Press Release . So I have been playing for a couple days now and I'm hooked!  I'm at level 26 and have a variety of monsters. Nothing better than using those fire power ups but if I had to choose just one as my favorite?  I have  two to choose from, Maw Maw or Meca Wrecks both of these are storm monsters and they pack a punch. If you link up your Facebook you can see all your friends and how good they're doing. Plus it helps save your game. 
Each level has up to 3 stars you can receive. If you achieve the 3 stars you can now enter the cup challenge. These give you the most coins and your coin count is highest for each collect. I found out getting through the level the first time is best then ill go back once I can level my monster. 
Austin asks: What tip can you give me for level 5?
Level 5 is the level you have to complete to be able to level your monsters. My suggestion is, don't worry about destroying everything, just get through and garb those power cells quickly. After you level your monster go back and get those  3 stars for the cup challenge.

I went around asking on Twitter yesterday what level people were and their favorite monster; Swordroll Sharerus, Koi Brimstone, Austin Frankie, Alexander Frankie, Cody Maw Maw, Leala BrimStone, Jack Frankie and The Friendly Necromancer gave me a full blog post you can read HERE.  
Thank you everyone looks like those fire monsters really are the favorites! I love seeing all my monsters in their cave don't you? Tomorrow Kingsisle is having a special episode of KI Live to celebrate the launch. It will be at 4PM Central on Thurs, Nov. 5 
Meca Wrecks