Monday, November 16, 2015

Introducing The Polarian Explorer's Bundle for Wizard101

 Introducing the Polarian Explorer's Bundle, from Game Stop. This bundle is a vast frozen land of ice and snow. There are lots of places to slide on the ice, although a Wizard cannot fall its sure fun to slide fast as you can across them ice. This bundle includes;
Polarian Shipwreck House
Battle Narwhal Mount
Dyeable Penguin Pet
Polarian Explorer's Gear
Polarian Explorer's Pickaxe
1 Month or 5,000 Crowns

 The inside of the ship wreck has a ice skating ring in the main hall and 4 smaller side rooms. I can't wait to get my mind on decorating this house. Inside one of the caves there is an explorer waiting to give you free gifts once a day.  Check out Wizard101 to find out more about this bundle.
 If you get lost hey check out this land map Swordroll created!
Land map created by Swordroll

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  1. I NEED IT OMG, I hope its the next bundle to be online!!!!!


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