Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Arcanum - Wizard101

I have finished Polaris and I have to say it was brilliant! Made me laugh and made me work. I'm now level 110 got my newest spells for both Balance and Fire what more could anyone ask you say? Well let me tell you! Besides the frozen river area of Polaris The Arcanum is by far the most beautiful place I have seen in game. Just look at the fantastic details in this area. The light trails, spiral and the glitter and glam of this area just shows the hard work KingsIsle puts into their game. Not to mention the art work! What I wouldn't give for this to be in a house somewhere.

In Arcanum we also get to meet new school teachers in their new class rooms.  We haven't met the astral or shadow teacher yet, I hope those will come at a later date. While your in the rooms check out the fantastic pieces of furniture, all I want to say is please may I have it all? The paintings are magnificent. What I wouldn't give to have that dream catcher in the Balance room. I hope you like my new favorite area as much as I do.  

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