Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Cards to KingsIsle- Pirate101 Winners!

Congratulations Winners!!! 

Grand Prize
Hearty thanks fer Pirate101 'n Wizard101, th' Spiral has become me home 'n be a place a share wit' me Whole family. So I hope that all  ye get plenty 'o the hours wit' ye family 'n loved ones, makin' wonderful memories. From me family to yours, Much love, jolly Health, 'n Joy to ye 'n yours 'tis this shore leave season. Wishin' all ye pirates around th' Spiral the extra best 'o th' season. May ye have a warm place to stay, be in jolly health, plenty 'o grub to put grub in thy gullet, lots 'o laughter, 'n loved ones to share it wit'. Happy Holidays.

Blessed Yum Filled Holidays, hearty thanks fer th' great contest. Happy Holidays.
~Reckless Rowan Moone

3 Runner Ups

My Dear KI,

I wish you the merriest Christmas and the happiest New Year ever! Sharing with you the warmth, the beauty and the peace of this Holiday Season. May all your wonderful and creative ideas for the coming year be carried through.

Wicked Nicholas, Buccaneer

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