Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!!!

Happy New Year!!!
 2015 has been a roller coaster some ups, some downs. Lots of fun with friends , sharing hugs in bad times.  So many things to do, so many things still to come.  In all 2015 as been a year to remember.  The gaming community has never been stronger.  You all make me so proud.  Let's continue to be the best gaming community we can.

Lets talk about all the things new to each game for 2015.  So many things have happened from Jewels and Bread Crumbs in Wizard101 to Ranked PvP in Pirate101. Not to mention a new mobile game from KingsIsle, Rise and Destroy. So much fun for all.


New mounts
Ranked Pvp
New pet hybrids
New Furniture including furniture that shows us art. 
Wonky Donkey!!! LOL 
New pets
Ranked PvP
Nautical Gauntlet
Mysterious New Trainers
New Holiday furniture


Bread Crumbs!
Jewel Socketing
Skeleton Key Bosses
Jewel Collars and Ultra Pets!
Challenging Ultra Dungeons
Seed Vault housing item! 
New furniture
Updates to fishing including house fishing
New mounts, crafted mounts and A TRAIN!

Free Frankie Pet

In all I think we had a wonderful gaming year. So join me on bringing in the New Year while my Wizard and Pirate party in my monster cave!. Happy 2016 everyone.

Special thanks to KingsIsle for making my year fun. and to Chrissy the Blesser for my image.

HUGS to everyone.

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