Thursday, January 7, 2016

Just to inform

Dear readers,

I wanted to let you know what is going on. I'm having computer issues.  Please forgive me for not posting as much as I should. I will post as much as I can when I can. Right now I have been playing a lot of Rise and Destroy. I'll post some tips from my tablet.

Things players have been asking me;
1. Do you have any decorating tips that can help me? 
Answer: I do have many posts on how to do different techniques. You can find the post HERE  . Just click on the different links in that post.

2. What does it mean not to drop a combo on Rise and Destroy?
Answer:  When you destroying buildings you'll see the number in a circle 1-10, That number can never fade away.

3. How do you keep your combo up from dropping?
Answer:  I save all the little building,( You know the ones you just have to step on.) I save them for last before I leave a section I will stomp on those to take me to next area.

4. How do you save up coins for R & D? 
Answer: You collect coins every four hours, buy very few Creeplings. Try to complete one new city, two if you have the energy. If you have any energy left go back and complete cities you know you can get three stars on.

I do hope you understand my computer issues. I'm truly sorry.

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade 

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  1. I hope your computer issues are resolved soon! I will miss your posts, but I hope you enjoy Rise & Destroy. Don't worry about not posting. I understand. :) Thank you for all of your hard work & updating everyone!

    ~ Edward


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