Saturday, January 16, 2016

Omg I'm getting a computer!!

Omg can I just give a great big Thank you to everyone who donated.  Wow just wow!. When Sheldon and Kelsey kept asking me to let them run a fundraiser to get a new computer I was very against it.  As my computer got worse and worse I finally gave in and let them.  Not sure what I ever did to make people want to help me,... I'm just in awe and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope I do everyone justice in keeping up my blog work.  Just wow!.speechless


Sheldon , Kelsey
You both ...

Sheldon you will always be my online son hugs you
Kelsey hope I can always call you sis. Hugs You


  1. You are quite welcome Paige. You are very loved by this community, especially Me :D You have given so much to us, it is about time we were able to give a little bit back to you. *Chrissy Hugs* <3

  2. You deserve it!
    Congrats to you and your great wizard101 supporters:D

  3. Great news Paige! Be sure to post a pic when you get it! Angela ShadowGarden aka LOTS Charmed One

  4. " Not sure what I ever did to make people want to help me,..." *shrugs* We just Love you, Paige.
    That's ok, yes? Generosity breeds the same. :)


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