Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Wizard101 Fish Collecting

Wizard101 Fishing, it's either not important to you or it is. Many players I talk to just do the fishing quests and some fish for crafting.  Myself? I fish to have each type of fish in every size. Most of all my fish go into my storm house. Much like this Doodlefish room I created in the image above. I work with a spreadsheet from google docs. This is so I can find where all my fish are and see which ones I'm missing. Google Docs is free to use and you can make them private for only your eyes.

As you can you can see I have most of the regular size fish. Still working on the small fry and whoppers. Do you know what is helping me get these other size fish? I'll tell you it's fishing tournaments. Fishing tournaments always ask for a small fry or whopper. I fish once a day to try for the tournament fish. If I catch one I check my list and add it to the house if I need it. This week is the Dragon Eel whopper. Just remember if you want to keep the fish don't add it to the tournament. 
There are many places to find the information you need to find where to fish to catch the Dragon Eel; Wizard101 Wiki , Wizard101 Central Fishing Guides, Stars of the Spiral Fish by World, Swordroll's Fish Locations and for fish that are at bundle houses Adventures of the Spiral Castle Fish. Those are a few I use all the time .  
So what fish can you think of that would be a fun Wizard101 fish? What would you name it?I have many ideas and I noticed we have no fish that start with the letter Q. Can you think of a Q fish? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. Now I must be off , I have fishing to do. 


  1. Quiltfish: This fish is found in the coldest places in Spiral. Dont let their look alarm you, they are very warm and cuddly in nature :)

  2. What about a Quail fish? The feathers on the head would make a neat thing to have on a fish. Perhaps a morph with an angler fish that has that light on the end of the feather?

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