Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 2016 Wizard101 Test Realm

Zafaria Fishing
 That's right Wizards we have fishing in Zafaria! We got atleast 7 new fish, if not more. I have to say the Lion fish and the Yarn Squid are my favorite though check out this Hippo tang! Just adorable. I hear the chests can bring some awesome rewards too.! ;)
Daily Assignments
Daily assignments bring a new way to make gold, tickets and crowns! Today I got to open a chest though I didn't get to see what my rewards were from it. I have heard you can get motes and more. Woot! The image below shows a 15 day rewards.  I think this is a great way for others to earn gold and so much more.
Gear Vault
Gear vault! Okay let me say that again GEAR VAULT! That's right Wizards we finally have a place to keep all our extra gear,. This gear vault holds 100 pieces and you can have, one inside and one outside. That makes 2 per house.!  You can buy this vault in crowned shop for 1995 crowns or craft the vault. The recipe seems very easy I crafted mine. One thing I do wish they would change. I wish the gear vault was X prompt. This will make it so we can decorate it and still be able to use it. You have to click on it like you would a mannequin. I'm going to end up with many of these. ;)

Skeleton Key Bosses  and much more check out Wizard101 test realm notes to find out more.

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