Friday, March 11, 2016

Road Warrior's Hoard Pack- Wizard101

Introducing the Road Warrior's pack , this pack comes with a chance at;  an permanent chopper , road hog pet,  three different colors of gear and skull weapons.  My favorite items of course are the furniture items! 
Look at all these fantastic lights!  So many new housing items! New Npc's!! Bugs and Dinos!! I decided to put mine to work in my crystal mines. I post some of favorite items below. Hope you enjoy them too.


  1. I wanna get this pack but, lol My life wizard said no xD ...

  2. Paaaaaaaaige...question about those scones. I really want them, but I can't buy the packs. BUT the other day, I saw the bazaar, something called a Death Scone...
    So are they like,
    Ice, storm, fire, life, death, myth, and balance and shadow scones??

    1. Alex, yes these sconces are sold in the bazaar.

    2. I will look for their actual names in the morning.

  3. Just to answer to above question yes the sconces are the death, myth, life, fire ect. sconces that you can buy from the bazaar and shop vendors around the spiral. no need to buy the pack just for lights ;)


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