Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Test Goes Live, Wizard101 Adds New Items!!

 Introducing the Wild Hare, this new bunny came with test realm going live today.  If you a fan of these bunny mounts you'll love this one! 6k crowns in the crowned shop! Hop into summer with this Wild Hare.
 Furniture!! Khrysalis furniture sets are here, that's right it's put , its buggy I love it. 4500 crowns or 22,500 gold. Time to decorate with those new Npc's from the road warrior pack. The food on the fire is amazing. It turns  while it's roasting.
Fishing , You say your looking for a limited wand? How about the Amaranthine Staff? You can now fish for those limited wands!  Go to the Elephant Graveyard in Zafaria and fish those chests. As you can see I won tons today.

Notes : How I fished was I used a fishing luck and a rank 3 lure. caught all the sentinels first then just caught everything!
Tips: If you can't buy fishing luck use a high rank lure and make sure to catch the fish with its school lure. There's also clothes and jewels that have fishing luck, this will be a added help.
How to catch those pesky sentinels? As soon as the fish hits the lure hit your space bar. Don't wait for it to go under the water by then you have lost the sentinel.


  1. I got goldenbeak, and dragonclaw. do you know if it drops fog staff? I want that one badly. It's sooo blue-tiful

  2. Replies
    1. yes all limited wands and lot of furniture drops


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