Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Wizards- May 2016

Balance 110 
I have been getting many players asking me is this your wizard?  Well I decided to show my wizards here. Each of my wizards have a energy look and a battle look, none of my wizards are below level 73, pretty much all  my gear is stitched in some form. So Left side is energy gear and right side is battle gear. I have both outfits I can always show and if all else fails I can grab my pet Boomer ( This should not be needed), I have a lot to go by. Hope this helps settle some questions I have been asked. If I change the looks I will update this post. All Paige MoonShade
Death 73

Ice 75

Life 73

Myth 83

Storm 73

Fire 110


  1. Nice i only have a level 110 myth and a level 22 storm you are lucky to have the fog and amaranthine staff those are my favorite

  2. Awesome, you have a lot of wizards! I have one question about your fire wizards wand, where did you get it and what is it called?
    Alexandra Nightblood


  3. The wand is the Regal Token of Luminosity. It's from Barkingham Palace.

  4. Nice! I have a Level 89 Balance and a 110 Storm :]

  5. Hey I was wondering how long did it take you to farm Regal Token of Luminosity in barking ham palace?

    1. The wand? Oh it's been way to l9ng ago. I'm sorry I don't remember. Couldn't of been to long. I haven't run that dungeon to many times.


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