Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Decorating Under Land -- Wizard101

 Many Wizards have asked me how I decorate under ground. (This is a bit more advance glitching and might take you some practice to get it right). So Let's go under this frozen shark. Oh, by the way Iridian Willowglen was kind enough to make a simpler way video, you can watch it below. Thank you so much Iridian Willowglen. If you don't know who Iridian is , she is a great decorator check out her houses on housing tours!
 Things you will need; 2 Flat Wooden Platforms, at least 5 Tatami Floor Mats, 2 Teleporters and 2 Scaffolding. To set up your scaffolding place to mats together then move them onto your scaffolding. Now grab that mat with X on it and move the whole piece to edge of land.

 Now the simple part, remember how to spin that mat over the board? Yup to do at the edge of the land . You have to make it over this invisible wall , each land might have a different height. So spin until your out off the land.
 As you can see this land took me 2 scaffolding to get under far enough.  Simple just set up another set and place it on the first set. Now head inland, see how close I am to the above land? Yeah I'm going to have to go further down to get to that shark.
 Suggestion: Before you start this setup you might want to set a porter from your dorm to the house your working on. This way you don't have to wait the few seconds to get back to your house.

Okay so now you need to set a marker on your board while your underground and set your second porter on the board. Port away to dorm. Once back at the house , set down the porter , set up another scaffolding and go into the porter you should be underground and can set that next scaffolding on the board. 

Now simply port away come back to house twirl a platform go through porter that takes you underground and head to that frozen shark. Don't forget to check out the video below. Happy house decorating. For more decorating tips check out this link HERE.

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